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Full text of "List of proprietary substances and nonfood compounds : authorized for use under USDA inspection and grading programs"

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fit 8 K 


United States 
Department of 

Food Safety 
and Inspection 

Supplement to 
Number 1419 

Effective as of 
July 1 , 1983 





List of Proprietary 
Substances and 
Nonfood Compounds 

Authorized for use under USDA 
Inspection and Grading Programs 



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Historic, archived document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 

List of Proprietary Substances and Nonfood 

Authorized for Use Under USDA Inspection 
and Grading Programs 

Listings Effective as of July 1, 1983 

August 1983 

For sale by the Supenendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office 
Washington, DC. 20402 


(In the following list, substances are arranged alphabetically 
by trade name under the heading of the firm by which they are marketed) 

Abchem International 

add/Abchem Peel-Zit 30 3D 

add/Abchem Peel-Zit 40 3D 

add/Abpeel 40 3D 

Alex C. Fergusson Company 

add/Perdue S #5222 Feather 
Scald 3A 

add/Babson Brothers Co./ Food 
Industries Group 

Babsheen 3D 

BabPres 3C 

chg/Birko Corporation 

formerly Birko Chemical 

add/Orange Marking Ink 98 0...2A 
add/Tripe Wash 3A 3C.5C 

add/Brouk Company 

Grade 0443 Filteraid 3F 

Chaska Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Cholor-12 3D 

Chemical Treatment Company 

del/Chemical Treatment CT- 

Chemidyne Corporation 

add/CD-15 3F 

add/CD-712 3B 

add/CD-754 4D 

Creative Products Corporation 

add/Milwaukee's Food Release . 3H 

Daxchem A Division of Oxford 

add/HPO-17 3C 

add/TRC-62 3C 

DuBois Chemicals 

del/CL-9 Sanitizer 

add/FFD-5A 3B 

DuPont de Nemours, E.I. & Co. 

add/Perone 50 3C 

add/Eagle Chemicals Inc. 

Compound 4C 3A 

Environmental Chemical Systems, Inc. 

add/FCS Feather Penetrant 3A 

add/Rejex 4D 

F M C Corporation 

add/Sodium Sesquicarbonate 3A,3F 

add/Foster Chemicals, Inc. 

Dye Concentrate SI 00 4A,4B,4C,4D 

Fuller, H. B., Company Monarch 
Chemicals Division 

del/Monarch Super Kabon 


Hantover Incorporated 

add/Denaturant G Meat 

Identifier 4A 

Intercontinental Chemical Corp. 

add/ICC 371 1 3D 

add/ICC 371 1 3D 

add/ICC 3716 3D 

add/International Colloids and 
Chemical, Inc 

Denaturant 314 4A 

Koch Supplies, Incorporated 

add/Denaturant 314 4A 

Leonard, W. F. Company, Inc. 

add/Lenco Dead End 4B 

add/LubriChem, Inc. 

Compound 4C 3A.4C 


chg/Magnaflux Surface Conditioners, 

formerly Omega Chemical 
Company, Inc. 

chg/Econopeel 3D 

formerly Omega Econopeel 
del/Spray D 

chg/Subdue II 3D 

formerly Omega Subdue II 

Mid-Lands Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/BD 10 Black Denaturant ...4B 
add/No. 44 Green Denaturant... 4 A 

Momar, Incorporated 

add/Momar Liquid Chlorine 3D 

Oakite Products, Incorporated 

add/Oakite Bactericide 3D 

Olin Corporation 

add/HTH Tablets 3D 

add/Poly-Targent P-17A 3A 

Omni-Chem Company, Incorporated 

add/O-C F-132 3D 

add/O-C F-310 3D 

Oxford Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Liquid D-Hair 3B 

add/Oxford Tag 4A.4C 

add/Oxford Yield Plus 3A 



add/Packer's Chemcial Company 

Bleach 101 5B 

Bleachex 101 3C 

Scaldex 101 5B 

add/Penetone Corporation 

Special VW 3D 

Pennwalt Corporation 

add/Brykleen 3F 

add/BK 430 3F 

Purex Corporation 

add/Purex Bleach 3D 


add/R & D Chemical Enterprises, Inc. 

F-164 Tripe Cleaner 3C 

F-165 Tripe Bleach 3C 

R-Square Chemical & Coating, Inc. 

add/RL-230 N 3A 

Ravan Products, Incorporated 

add/RL-230 N 3A 

del/Research Products Company 
add/Roxxon Co., The 

Hogie 3A.3B 

Scald-Rite 3A 


Saratoga Specialties/ Chemical 

add/Saratoga BFC 5B 

add/Sunbelt Sales Inc. 

Hog Scald Compound 3B 


Time Chemical, Incorporated 

add/Time Saver EGC 3C 



(In the following list, compounds are arranged alphabetically 
by trade name under the heading of the firm by which they are marketed) 

add/A & B Sanitary Supply 

"B-San" Bl 

AAA Chemical/ A Division Of 
Drummac Co., Inc. 

add/100 Pine All Purpose 
Cleaner CI 

add/SSI Tremendous All 

Purp.Clnr ReadyForUse CI 

add/A B R Industries 

All Nu A4 

Bern 5 A4 

Brag A4 

Breeze A4 

Bugged Fl 

BC-5 G7 

Chain It H2 

Clean It Al 

Diment CI 

Dipine CI 

Electro Clean K2 

Fame CI 

Foam On CI 

Food Clean A5 

Glasso CI 

Glyco C2 

Grip A4 



Halo Dl 

Indo CI 

Jell-D Kl 



Mighty LI 

Mint-O CI 


New Look A3 

Nip LI 

No Foam Concentrate Al 

No Foam Regular Al 

Nu Bowl C2 

Nu Hands 1 El 


Oil Emulse LI 

Oil Off Kl 

Pod-Zyme L2 

Pod-Zyme 1 L2 



Royal Degreaser A4 

Scale Away A3 

Sorb Up CI 




Tiger 1 Degreaser Al 

Tile Shine A3 

Tuff Scale A3 

Twinkle Al 

Wentz Clean CI 

Whish CI 

Wiz A4 

Zip LI 

Zyme L2 

A.B.C. Compounding Company, Inc. 

add/Extra Heavy Duty "Green- 
Elf" CI 

add/Kontrol-Treat G6 

add/Odor-Trol CI 

add/Solv-All CI 

add/Sulfuac-Red Drain Pipe 

Opener LI 

add/Vanish A3 

add/White "E.I." Bowl Cleaner C2 
add/4% Bleach Al 

add/A.C. Chemicals of Lufkin, Inc. 

Mighty Mite Al 

Super Power Pluss A8.C1 

add/A-Line Products Corporation 

A-Loob 1 100 Conveyor Chain 

Lubricant H2 

Advantage A4 

A-Z Supply Company 

add/Hi Foam Spontaneous 
Emulsifier Al 

Aalen Aides Inc. 

add/PreVent L2 

add/Aardvark Pest Control Corp. 

'001' Clean-Out Fogger Fl 

Abbot Chemicals 

add/Cherry Bug Spray F2 

Abe Lyons & Associates 

add/Argus Degreaser A4 

Acme Chemex Inc. 

add/Chemex 1042 Tile & Grout 

Cleaner CI 

add/Chemex 1365 Fogging 

Space Spray Fl 

add/Chemex 7000 A-2-Z 

Industrial Emuls. Clnr CI 

add/1033 Friction Free 

Lubricant HI 

add/ 1087 Battery Terminal 

Cleaner&Protector PI 

add/1120 Utility Cleaner CI 

add/ 1 180 Non-Flammable CRT 

Screen Care CI 

add/2104 Tackle III C2 

add/3008 Waterless Hand 

Cleaner E4 

add/3008 Waterless Hand 

Cleaner E4 

add/3009 Mechanics Gritty 

Waterless E4 

add/ Action Chemical 

Act-O-Lube H2 

Aqua Sheen A7 

Lano Creme E4 

Pene-Trate H2 

add/ Advance Chemical & Janitorial 
Supply Inc 

Best Hand Cleaner E4 

Best With Pumice E4 

Erase CI 

Grease Gun H2 

Oven Gold A8 

Aiken Chemical Company 

add/Hood & Grill Cleaner A8 

Air Master Services, Inc. 

del/Super Concentrate #20 

Airwick Professional Products 

Division/ Airwick Industries, Inc. 

add/Easy Scrub A6 

chg/Premeasured A-33 Dry CI 

add/Alcada Products, Inc. 

Bio-Strain L2 

Concept I Dl 

Lemon 7 A4 

Sure-Bac D2 

Alconox, Incorporated 

add/Terg-A-Zyme HE Al 

add/Terg-A-Zyme RO 70 Al 

Alex C. Fergusson Company 

add/Afco S-5249 A4 

add/Afco 5243 A2 

Alfred Chemical Corporation 

add/Cleaner & Scale Remover .. A3 

add/Dish Destainer Powder Al 

add/Laundry Detergent 

Powder Bl 

add/Laundry Oxygen Bleach 

Powdered Bl 

add/Lotionized Powdered Pot 

& Pan Detergent Al 

add/Metal Protection 

Mechanical Liq. Detrgnt Al 

add/Metal Protection 

Mechanical Pwdrd. Det Al 

add/Super Chlor Machine 

Dshwshng Liq Hvy Dty Al 

All American Supply Company 

add/Arid Moisture Remover H2 

add/Crystal Clear CI 


add/Graffiti Go CI 

add/Multi Lube Red H2 

add/Safe Way H2 

add/Sila-Slick HI 

add/The Very Best E4 

All Maintenance Products Inc. 

add/Brite'N White Emulsion 

Bowl Cleaner C2 

add/Bug Bomb Insecticide F2 

add/Scour-It Creme Cleanser ...A6 

Allen Maintenance Supply Co. 

add/Amsco Heavy Duty Deep 

Clean Al 

add/Amsco Spontaneous 

Emulsifier Al 

Allied Materials 

add/Silicone Spray H2 

add/ Allstate Janitor Supply 

All-Solved Heavy Duty 

Cleaner-Degreaser Al 

Allstates Chemical Corporation 

add/Blast Residua] Insecticide ...F2 
add/Grabber Multipurpose 

Wetting Agent Al 

add/Stazyme L2 

Alpha Chemical Services, Inc. 

chg/#501 Wallop Heavy Duty 

All Purpose Clnr Al 

add/Lube 800 H2 

add/WS9NP Al 

add/ Alpha Grease & Oil, Inc. 

Alpha Food Machinery Grease HI 

Amador Chemical Corporation 

add/Westo-Rinse CI 

Amar Associates 

add/Amar Powder Kleen 1400 . A2 
add/Amar Special 1500 Cleaner A2 

add/Amar Super OVS A8 

add/TC-160 Dl 

add/ American Chemical & Equipment 
Co., Inc. 

Triple Play A4 

chg/ American Chemical Industries, 

formerly American Chemical 

add/ American Chemicals & 

American Waterless Hand 

Cleaner E4 

American Waterless Hand 

Cleaner w/Pumice E4 

add/ American Lincoln/ A Scott 
Fetzer Company 

#100 Industrial Cleaner Al 

add/ American Maintenance Supply 

Green Beret Concentrate Al 

American Oil And Supply Co. 

add/AOSyn 5000-1 Grease H2 

add/AOSyn 5000-2 Grease H2 

add/American Paper & Supply, Inc. 

Ampaco All Purpose Polish A7 

Ampaco Drain Opener And 

Maintainer LI 

Ampaco Emulsion Bowl 

Cleaner C2 

Ampaco Liquid Porcelain & 

Bowl Cleaner C2 

Ampaco Surface Scum 

Remover A4 

add/ American Resources Company/ 
Magic Mountain Mining 

Multi-Sorb Jl 

add/American White Label Corp. 

Super Cleaner & Degreaser 

#206 A4 

Amoco Oil Company 

add/Amoco White Mineral Oil 
Special No. 40 HI 

Amrep, Inc. 

add/Acco Zyme L2 

add/Acid Detergent A3 

add/Amstrip A8 

add/Aqua-Kill Insecticide F2 

add/Automatic Al 

add/Bio-Syn CI 

add/Blue Whiz C2 

add/Bolex C2 

add/Citra-Syn CI 

add/Clear Lemon 10 

Disinfectant C2 

add/Clear-Mint 10 CI 

add/Clear-Pyne CI 

add/CWT-300 G7 

add/D-70 Concrete Cleaner A3 

add/Defense Residual 

Insecticide F2 

add/Dual Synergist Space 

Spray Insecticide Fl 

add/Enviro-40 Dl 

add/Foam-It A4.A8 

add/Fog Kill Oil Base 

Insecticide :....F1 

add/Halt LI 

add/Klink Al 

add/Medi-Clean El 

chg/Misty Ant, Roach.&Spdr. 

Res. Insecticide F2 

formerly Misty Ant, Roach 
& Spdr.Res.Ins.w/Baygon 
chg/Misty Glycol Air Sanitizer 

Lemon Lime CI 

formerly Misty Lemon 
Lime Glycol Air Sanitizer 
add/Misty Powder Puff 

Residual Insecticide F2 

add/Multi-Power CI 

add/Nab CI 

add/Neo-San Dl 

add/Ox-Off Acid Base 

Descaling Detergent A3 

add/OCS CI 

add/Paradet A4.A8 

add/Pine Oil Cleaner CI 

add/Pine Oil Disinfectant CI 

add/Porcelain & Tile Cleaner.... A3 

add/Quat-22 Dl 

add/Release H2 

add/Repco-Chlor CI 

add/Repco-Dyne C2 

add/Repco-Tox Space Spray 

Insecticide Fl 

add/Repco-Tox Space Spray 

Insecticide Cone Fl 

add/Reprosolve Al 

add/Sewer Solvent CI 

add/Sludge Floe LI 

add/Space-Spray F2 

add/Steam-O-Clean Al 

add/Super Creme C2 

add/Super Pine Odor 

Disinfectant CI 

add/Super-Solve Industrial 

Safety Solvent K2 

add/Take-Off Al 

add/Ams/Oil, Inc. 

QL Complex A1.B1 

Amway Corporation 

add/Pre-Wash Laundry Spray... Bl 

add/Anschutz Minerals Corporation 

An-Sorb Premium Absorbent Jl 

Econo Sorb Jl 

Econo-Sorb Safety Absorbent. ...Jl 
Min-Sponge Jl 

Anti-Seize Technology Inc. 

add/Action Eze Liquid Cleaner 

#322 A4.A8 

Antietam Paper Co. 

add/Blue Ridge Degreaser- 

Dewaxer A4 

add/Blue Ridge Quat 

Germicidal Cleaner Dl 

Apex Products, Inc. 

add/Grease Gun H2 

add/Liqui-Bac L2 

add/Peni-Lube H2 

add/Apollo Maintenance Supply Inc. 

Bath-Lite C2 

Break-Thru Al 

Lemon Liquid Hand Soap El 

Liquid Drain Opener LI 

Neutral Cleaner A4 

Remove-It A4 

Ring-Go C2 

Safe-N-Kleen Al 

Aqua Products, Incorporated 

add/Aqua Floor Scrubber A4 

add/Aqua Heavy Duty 

Degreaser-Cleaner A4 

add/Aqua Scale A A3 

add/Aqua Super Clor Al 

Aqua Serv Bakersfield, Inc. 


Aqua Treat Chemicals, Inc. 


add/B-222 G6 

add/B-223 G6 

chg/B-256 G6 

add/B-262X G6 

add/B213 G6 

add/B214A G6 

Aqua-Serv Engineers, Inc. 

add/Water Treatment 

Microbiocide 7420 G7 

add/2313 G6 

add/2330 G2.G6 

add/3240 G6 

add/324? G6 

add/3247 G6 

add/3248 G6 


add/ Aqua/Process, Inc. 

3015 G6 

3620 G6 

3640 G6 

Aquafine Chemical & Equipment Co. 

add/Ace - s P-40 G2.G6 

add/Aces Coilmate A3 

add/Aces Scalemate A3 

chg/AquaTerra Biochemical Corp. of 

formerly Aqua Terra Biochemicals 

Archem, Inc. 

add/Barrier Cream E4 

add/I.S.C.H El 

add/Odor Eater L2 

add/Rough Touch E4 

add/Soft Touch E4 

add/Arkay Distributors 

Assault C2 

Attack A4 

Bowl Fresh C2 

Satin Glo Al 

Strip-Eze A4 

Armor Research Company 

add/Boomerang G6 

add/Pink Panther E4 

add/Spray N'Stay Foaming 

Cleaner CI 

add/Treet G6 

add/Unique H.D Al 

Arrow Chemical Corp. 

add/All Purpose Water Soluble 
Degreaser 100 A4 

add/Concentrate HD Detergent 
and Cleaner 100 A4 

add/HD Industrial Cleaner 100 . A4 

add/ Asepsis Inc. 

Omni Calcium Hypochlorite D2 

Ashland Chemical Company 

add/Globrite K-312 A2.A5 

add/Globrite 129 C3.K3 

add/Globrite 40 A2 

add/Globrite 49GT A1.A5 

add/Globrite 92 A4.C1 

add/Globrite 96 A4.A5.C1 

add/Globrite 97 CI 

Associated Laboratories, Inc. 

add/BWT-250 G6 

add/BWT-260 G6 

Astro Products, Inc. 

add/ Astro Soft Al 

Atco Manufacturing Company 

add/Ez-Duz-It E4 

add/Handi Waterless Antiseptic 

Skin Cleanser El 

add/Purple Power CI 

Atkins Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Odorless Heavy Duty 

Cleaner & Degreaser Al 

Atlas Manufacturing Company 

add/Bio Enzymes L2 

add/563 Heavy Duty Cleaner- 
Degreaser A4 

B & B Brand, Inc. 

add/Bar M R A3 

add/Big B Al 

add/C-M-Clean Ql 

add/Foam Bar 8 Al 

add/Royal Spec Al 

add/B & G Sales & Service, Inc. 

No. 1 A4 

B & L Supply Company 

add/Wipe-Off CI 

add/B & L Supply, Inc. 

Stainless Steel Cleaner A7 

add/B & S Distributors, Inc. 

AFG-2452-P-108 A4.A8 

AFG-9808-L108 A4.A8 

add/B ASF Wyandotte Corporation 

Plurasafe P 1000 Cone H2 

Plurasafe P 1000 Fluid H2 

Plurasafe P 1200 Hydraulic 

Fluid H2 

Plurasafe P-1200 Concentrate H2 

Pluronic L-101 Polyol Q5 

Pluronic L-121 Polyol Q5 

Pluronic L-61 Polyol Q5 

Pluronic L-62LF Polyol Q5 

Pluronic L-81 Polyol Q5 

B F C Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Ficam Plus Synergized 

Pyrethrins F2 

Babson Brothers Co. 

add/Bab-O-Dyne D2 

add/Babbac D1.Q4 

add/Babbrite A2 

add/Babfloor Al 

add/Babfoam Al 

add/Babgleam A2 

add/Babkleen Al 

add/Babklor A1.Q1 

add/Babline A2 

add/Babphos A3 

add/Babpowr A3 

add/Babscale A3 

add/Babsheen A2 

add/Effect A3 

Baer Supply Company, Inc. 

add/B-9 Dl 

add/Bronze Star Al 

add/Bahcall Chemical & Supply Inc. 

Delete L2 

DW-70 Penetrating Oil & 

Moisture Remover H2 

Krud Killer Hand Cleaner 

Cond. Creme E4 

Krud Killer PM E4 

Skoot Kl 

Wipe Out Vandal Mark 

Remover CI 

Balmar Corporation 

add/Controlex L G6 

add/Stuff Concentrated Cleaner A4 

Banquet Foods Corporation 

add/BFC-Prime Al 

add/BFC-10 Al 

add/BFC-19 Extra A2 

add/BFC-22 A3 

add/BFC-25X A4 

add/Barnes Maintenance Supply 

Easy-Kleen E4 

Easy-Kleen with Grit E4 

Barrier Industries Inc. 

add/Klean All A4 

Bartlett Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Bartlett Multizyme L2 

Basic Products 

add/Germ-A Foam C2 

Baver Chemical Company 

add/Sunglow Germicidal 
Cleaner D2 

Beaulieu Chemical Company 

add/BC-83 Extra Heavy Duty 

Super Steam Cone CI 

add/Grease Trap Cleaner LI 

add/PL 40 Al 

add/PL-90 Pipeline Cleaner Al 

add/Scout Bulk Tank & Utensil 
Cleaner Al 

Beaver Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Egg Brite Ql 

add/Foamotex A4 

Beaver Research Company 

add/Wyte-Ease Lithium White 
Grease H2 

Behnke Lubricants, Incorporated 

add/Jax Magna-Plate 140FG HI 

add/Jax Magna-Plate 90FG HI 

Bel-Ray Company, Incorporated 

add/Bel-Ray No-Tox PL 

Lubricant HI 

add/Bell Addison Laboratories, Inc. 

B.A.L. D-Greaser A4 

Kleenz-All A4.A8 

Pressure-Wash A4 

Varn-Off C3 

Bell Company, Incorporated 

add/Aquacide Fl 

Bell Products Corporation 

del/Bell Insect - 100 319 
del/Food Locker Cleaner & 

Thaw 372 
del/201 H.D. Drain Opener 

add/Benda Products, Inc. 

Benda Bright Al 

Glass-Kleen CI 

Grill & Oven Cleaner A8 

Metal Glow A3 

Power Solv A4.A8 

Super-Sudsy Al 

chg/Bernite Products, Inc. 

formerly Bernite Chemical Corp. 

Besst Chemical Corporation 

add/B-Rite Belt Dressing PI 

add/Cono Guard H2 

add/Crystal Clear CI 

add/CR-66 Safety Solvent Kl 


add/Des Liza Spray Silicone 

Release H2 

add/Liquid Grease H2 

add/Steel Rite A7 

Betco Corporation 

add/Best Bet No. 77 C2 

del/Betsy Mild Toilet Bowl 

add/Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner Al 

add/New Betsy CI 

add/Super Acid Cleaner A3 

Betterbilt Chemicals 

add/Lectro-Magic K2 

add/Pure-Sil HI 

Betz Entec, Incorporated 

add/Betz Entec 110 G6 

add/Betz Entec 111 G6 

chg/Betz Entec 312 G5.G7 

chg/Betz Entec 318 G7.G5 

chg/Betz Entec 335 G5.G7 

add/Betz Entec 336 G5.G7 

chg/Betz Entec 340 G5,G7 

chg/Betz Entec 345A G5.G7 

add/Betz Entec 349 G5.G7 

add/Betz Entec 706 G6 

add/Betz Entec 715 G6 

Betz Laboratories, Incorporated 

add/Neutrameen NA-10 G6 

Bi-Chem Industries, Inc. 

add/Double Action F2 

add/Lube- All H2 

add/Penetrating Oil with 

Moisture Remover H2 

Bickco Enterprises, Inc. 

del/Flash Klenze LC-12 

Bil-Mar Products, Inc. 

add/A-A-A Chlorinated 

General Purpose Clnr Al 

Bio-Lab, Incorporated 

add/Bio-Dine CLF D2 

add/Bio-Dine LF D2 

Biotechnics, Incorporated 

add/CIP-300X A3 

Birko Corporation 

add/Gre-Zof Kl 

chg/Liquik 2 Nu Blu A1.H2 

chg/Monlaun No. 2 A1.B1 

chg/Waconite 44L A1.B1 

Bison Cleaning Chemicals, Inc. 

del/Bison 311 

add/Bisonine 311 Al 

Bixon Chemical Company Division of 
A. S. L. Enterprises, Inc. 

add/Pot And Pan Cleaner Al 

add/Talc Deodorant CI 

add/Talc Deodorant Deluxe CI 

Blanco Chemical 

add/Blanco Lemon Luster 

Furniture Polish CI 

del/Blue Magic Div./ Roman Cleanser 

Bluff City Service Company 

add/Magnum 130 A4 

Boise Western Corporation 

add/Quatrasan (MT-2) Dl 

add/Sanaquat (LM-1) C2 

add/Bolton-Berkley, Inc. 

Glass & Utility Cleaner CI 

Liquid Alive Bacteria L2 

Power Foam CI 

Bond Chemical Company, Inc., The 

add/BOCO Cleaner "BC" 

Dgrsr Clnr Wax Strpr Al 

Bonewitz Chemical Services, Inc. 

add/Bonchem DP 525 Al 

add/Bonchem L-160 FCC G5 

add/Bonchem ORB 250 A1,B1 

add/Bonchem Streamline Al 

add/Bonchem 49 FG G5 


add/Johar No. 8 A2 

add/P3 Bakleen Acid 250 A3 

add/P3 Bakleen Acid 270LF A3 

add/P3 Bakleen HD Alkali A2 

add/P3 Bakleen LPW Al 

add/P3 Bakleen Pan Wash Al 

add/P3 Ultraline Al 

add/P3 Ultrasil 10 Al 

add/P3 Ultrasil 11 , A2 

add/P3 Ultrasil 25 Al 

add/P3 Ultrasil 75 A3 

chg/Right Ammoniated All- 

Purpose Cleaner CI 

formerly Bonchem 

Ammoniated Ail-Purpose 


Bonner, W. C. Co., Inc., The 

add/Delime A3 

add/Laundry Brightener Bl 

add/Laundry Detergent Bl 

add/Laundry Softener S/S B2 

add/Ultimate Al 

Bonnie Chemspec 

add/A-B102 Cleaner Al 

add/Bonnie "G" Lemon 

Disinfectant-Cleaner C2 

Bowman Distribution/ Barnes Group 

add/Black Silicone Rubber 

Adhesive Sealant PI 

add/Clear Silicone Rubber 

Adhesive Sealant PI 

add/White Silicone Rubber 

Adhesive Sealant PI 

Bowmark Industries 

add/Amps K.2 

add/Drout De Moisturant H2 

add/Micron CI 

add/No Seize (Aerosol) H2 

add/No Seize (Bulk) H2 

add/No Time All Purpose 

Cleaner CI 

add/Shot-Gun H2 

chg/Steel Bow Cleaner & 

Polish A7 

formerly Steel Bow 
add/Sweatsuit PI 

Branchemco, Incorporated 

add/116 PI 

add/237 G7 

add/238 G7 

add/466 G6 

Brennan Chemical Company 

add/Brenco No. 232 Dairy Pipe 

Line Cleaner Al 

add/Brenco No. 497-R Cooling 

Water Treatment G7 

chg/Brenco No. 654-P Boiler 

Water Treatment G6 

formerly Brenco No. 693 
Boiler Water Treatment 
add/Brenco No. 655-HD Boiler 

Water Treatment G6 

chg/Brenco No. 655-P Boiler 

Water Treatment G6 

formerly Brenco No. 691 
Boiler Water Treatment 
add/Brenco No. 661 Boiler 

Water Treatment G6 

chg/Brenco No. 662 Boiler 

Water Treatment G6 

formerly Brenco No. 662 
chg/Brenco No. 689 G6 

Brent Chemicals Corporation 

add/Brent Builder B2 

add/BCC Detergent Bl 

add/Clenesco Chlorinated 

NuClen Al 

add/Clenesco NuClen Al 

add/Clenesco Oxy-Brite A3 

add/Thrust H2 

Bricide Corporation 

add/"Best Bet" Al 

add/Attack A4 

add/Brisque Al 

add/Brute A4 

add/Chemi-Jel CI 

add/Conveyor Lubricant H2 

add/Conveyor Lubricant 60- 

65% Al 

add/Floor Syn A4 

add/Foam-Up A4 

add/Hi-Ho Lotionized El 

add/Liquid Scrub Soap CI 

add/LC Industrial Cleaner Al 

add/Mapp Cleaner And 

Degreaser Al 

add/Medi-Soap El 

add/Pink Pearl Al 

add/Qat 1000 D2 

add/Qat 160 Dl 

add/Qat 450 D2 

add/Rapid-Clean CI 

add/Rapid-Clean Plus CI 

add/Remove-It A4 

add/Zephyr-Phene CI 

add/143 Al 

add/15% Liquid Hand Soap El 

add/20% Liquid Hand Soap El 

add/40% Liquid Hand Soap El 

Brissman-Kennedy, Inc. 

add/Glass Cleaner CI 

add/Penetroil H2 

Brite Chemical Company 

add/Acid Brite A3 

add/Brite 'N Clear CI 

add/Brite Acid Salt Cleaner A3 

add/Brite Powdered Laundry 

Bleach Bl 

add/Brite Smoke House 

Cleaner A2 

add/Brite Smokehouse Cleaner 

I A8 

add/Brite Smokehouse Cleaner 

II A2 


add/Brite Smokehouse Cleaner 

III A4,A8 

add/Foam Brite All Purpose 

Cleaner CI 

add/Free Up Nut & Bolt 

Loosener H2 

add/Oven Solve A8 

add/Sani-Lube HI 

add/Shine & Shield CI 

add/Spray-Fog Fl 

add/Brooks Scientific, Inc. 

Iodophore LF D2 

Brulin & Company, Inc. 

add/Brulincide #502 D2 

add/Epitaph Aerosol Insect 

Killer Fl 

add/Epitaph-II F2 

add/MKT/SAN Dl 

Bryan Products 

add/New C.I.R Al 

Buckman Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Bronam 5 G7 

Bullen Chemical Company 

add/#256 Degreaser 

Concentrate Cleaner Al 


Deodorizer D2 

add/Foam Cleaner C2 

add/K.O.K A8 

add/Residual Insect Spray F2 

add/Steam And Return Line 

Treatment G6 

dei/Buskirk, H. E. 

Butcher Polish Company, The 

add/Butcher's Rough Rider 

Emulsion Degreaser A4 

C & C Products, Inc. 

add/Deep-Kleen E4 

add/Deep-Kleen Waterless 

Hand Clnr w/Pumice E4 

add/C & J Fastener, Incorporated 

C & J Belt Dressing #792 PI 

C & J Chain & Cable Lubricant 

#865 H2 

C& JCJ-4 H2 

C & J Electric Motor 

Degreaser Kl 

C & J Food Grade Silicone 

Spray #590 HI 

C & J Freon Hi-P Elctrnc 

Cntct Clnr #800 K2 

C D. Tabco Inc. 

add/Tabco MR-50 A3 

add/Tabco Rinse Aid Al 

add/Tabco Stainless A3 

add/Tabco 1003 HTA A4 

add/Tabco 7003-M H2 

C F S Continental, Inc. 

add/502 Disinfectant Cleaner D2 

add/707 Bowl Cleaner C2 

C H 2 O, Inc. 

add/Ever-Foam F-522 Al 

add/Ever-San F-551 D2 

add/C J S, Inc. 

Glass & Utility Cleaner CI 

Ruff Stuff E4 

Soft Scrub E4 

add/C K Enterprises, Inc. 

#2 Mold Cleaner A8 

Alkaline 5512 A2 

Control-It D2 

CK Bleach Bl 

CK Concentrate A4 

CK Laundry Detergent Bl 

Lemon Odor Control CI 

Lift-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner- 
Degreaser Al 

C P I Engineering Services, Inc. 

add/CP-1003-46-F HI 

add/CP-1003-68-F HI 

add/CP-4608-32-F HI 

C R C Chemicals USA 

add/Stor&Lube Long- 


Prevnt#01062 H2 

add/Stor&Lube Long- 


Prevnt#02061 H2 

add/Stor&Lube Long- 


Prevnt#02063 H2 

add/Stor&Lube Long- 


Prevnt#02064 H2 

add/Stor&Lube Long- 


Prevnt#03032 H2 

add/Stor&Lube Long- 


Prevnt#03033 H2 

add/Stor&Lube Long- 


Prevnt#03034 H2 

add/Stor&Lube Long- 


Prevnt#03035 H2 

add/CCS., Inc 

"5 + -1" A4 

Action Al 

Action- 1 Al 

Action-2 Al 

Action-3 Al 

5 Plus A4 

5 + -2 A4 

5 + -3 A4 

5 + -37 A4 

5-2 Al 

5-3 Al 

C-Z Chemical Company/ Division of 
Rochester Germicide Co. 

add/Special Caustic A2 

Calar Chemical Co. 

del/APC Concentrated All 

Purpose Cleaner 
del/Busol Heavy Duty 

add/Ruff Stuff E4 

Calgon Corporation 

chg/Clor-Ade A1.Q1 

add/DC-582 Al 

add/FP-35 Al 

add/LW-500 Al 

chg/S-49 K2 

chg/Syn-Cide-Plus D2,Q3 

add/California Soda Co. 

CS-1B Heavy Duty Cleaner A2 

Cameo Chemical Co. 

add/Applaud A3 

add/AC-334 A3 

add/Blue Streak Al 

add/Cam-Slide 130 A1.H2 

add/Cam-Slide 190 A1.H2 

add/Cam-Slide 230 A1.H2 

add/Chlorfoam Al 

add/Chlorinated All-Purpose 

Cleaner Al 

add/Clout A2 

add/Excel A1.H2 

add/Foam Down-P A 1 

add/FLC A8 

add/Hold Al 

add/Hold Concentrate Al 

add/LF-388 A3 

add/Scour-PO CI 

add/Slide 110 A1.H2 

add/Winter-Lube H2 

Campbell Soup Company 

add/Campbell's Hand Wash and 
Sanitizer E2 

add/Can-Am Maintenance Products 

Uni-Cide Germicidal Cleaner Dl 

Cantol Inc. 

chg/Aci-Tech C2 

formerly Acidex 

add/Big Guy CI 

add/BT-49 CI 

add/Descaler G7 

add/Eliminator CI 

add/Grease Off CI 

add/Kleem A4 

add/Melt Away CI 

add/Canyon Industries, Inc. 

Concrete Cleaner-PD A4 

Farm & Dairy Disinfectant/ 

Sanitizer D2 

Food Service Sanitizer D2 

Multi-Purpose Disinfectant/ 

Sanitizer D2 

Polysil 100 A4 

add/Carco Chemical Corporation 

Scrubbles CI 

Cardinal Chemical Company 

add/Non-Butyl Degreaser 

Cleaner & Deodorant Al 

Carmel Chemical Corporation 

add/Formula F-105 Fl 

Carroll Company 

add/Clear Mint Disinfectant- 
Cleaner CI 

add/Feather Soft Fabric 

Softener B2 

add/Heavy Duty Liquid 

Laundry Detergent Bl 

add/Iodol Sanitizer D2 

add/Lemony-Lime Disinfectant A4.C1 

add/Liquid Laundry Booster Bl 

add/Liquid Laundry Detergent. Bl 

add/Liquid Laundry Sour B2 

add/Ll-MA-DI-WA Al 


add/Sani-Soft All Purpose 

Hand & Body Clnr E4 

add/Cart Adams Company 

BWT-2 G6 

BWT-3 G6 

RCT-2 G6 

RCT-6 G6 

add/Caseway Industrial Products 

Royal Flush Al 

Cato Oil and Grease Company 

del/Mystik Hi-Temp JT-6 
add/Mystik JT-6 High Temp. 
Multipurp. Grease H2 

Cavalier Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 
Special Formula A4 

Cavalier Industries, Incorporated 

add/Caustrol I G6 

add/Neu-Amine II G6 

add/Phostrol I G6 

Cedar Valley Cheese Inc. 

add/Acid Concentrate A3 

add/CV #2 Acid Cleaner A3 

add/Dynamo-CV A2 

add/Floor Cleaner-PO CI 

add/Neutral Cleaner Al 

Cello Corp. 

add/D'Part V Roach & Fly 

Spray Fl 

Central Maintenance Supply 

add/Soft Touch E4 

Central Soya 

del/Gilt Edge Rat Bait Thro 

del/Gilt Edge Sugar Fly Bait 
del/Master Mix Fly & Mosquito 

Insect Kir 
del/Master Mix Mouse&Rat 

Bait Throw Pak 
del/Master Mix Pro-White Egg 

del/Master Mix Rat Bait 
del/Master Mix Sugar Fly Bait 

Century Laboratories, Incorporated 

add/Cove Clean CI 

Cerfact Laboratories 

add/Liquizyme L2 

Certified Laboratories/ Division of 
NCH Corporation 

add/Majesty A4.C1 


add/Premalube H2 

Champion Chemical Company 

add/Aero-Dine D2 

add/MPG A4 

add/Over-All Al 

add/Zap-It A4.A8 

Champion Maintenance & Supply, Inc. 

chg/Boast A4 

formerly Synthetic Cleaner 

add/Champlin Petroleum Company 

Hydrol AW. 150 H2 

Hydrol AW. 215 H2 

Hydrol AW. 315 H2 

Hydrol AW. 465 H2 

Hydrol AW. 700 H2 

Chardon Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Comp B G7 

add/Comp F G6 

add/Comp 50-100 G7 

add/SN-100 G6 

add/Charter Chemical, Inc. 

AG 952L G7 

B 402L G7 

B 404L G6 

B 406L G7 

B408L G6 

B 435L G6 

B-414-L Concentrate G6 

BK 420 G6 

BL-101 G6 

BL-1072 G6 

CWT 333 G7 

FK 734L Concentrate A3 

SR 736L A3 

TW 732L PI 

TW 942L G7 

Ultreat G7 

102L Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment G6 

103L Condensate Line 

Treatment G6 

Chase Products Company 

add/SprayPak Stainless Steel 
Clnr Formula 2 CI 

Chaska Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Char Foam A8 

add/Chaska WA-30 A4 

add/E-Qual B2 

add/Emulso A4 

add/Liquid-Pipe-Pal Al 

add/Speed A4 

add/Chattanooga Culligan Water 

DF 200 G6 

DF 300 G6 

DF 500 G6 

Chattanooga Supply, Inc. 

add/CSI Oxidation Remover A3 

add/Chem Clean Products, Inc. 

"Snap" Spray & Wipe All 
Purpose Cleaner CI 

add/Chem Science, Inc. 

Floor Cleaner CS-276 A4 

add/Chem Star 

Tempered Drain Opener LI 

Chem-Lube Corporation 

add/K-171 A4 

add/K-302 A3 

add/K-311 Al 

add/K-327 Al 

add/K-38 Al 

add/K-63 Al 

add/K-8TC Al 

add/K-91 Al 

add/Chem-Pak, Inc. 

#1270 Sil-Ick Food Grade 

Silicone HI 


add/O-Zyme 3 L2 

Chem-Tab Chemical Corp. 

add/Mop Stripper A4 

add/Chem-Tec, Inc. 

Big CT Cleaner A4 

Jet Stripper A4 

Syn-Con Cleaner A4 

add/Chem-Tech Corporation 

Chem-Solv A4,A8,C1 

Chem-Tox, Inc. 

add/Chem-Tox Allethrin 

Fogging Spray Fl 

add/Chem-Tox Pyronox E.C. 
2.5 Fl 

add/Chem-Tox Pyronox- 

Aqueous Dual 0.1 Fl 

add/Pyronox No. 3 Fl 

add/Pyronox No. 5 Fl 

Chemaco Corporation 

add/Klear-Out LI 

Chemax Inc. 

add/Belt 505 A6 

chg/Easy 516 A1.A4 

add/FAC-517 Al 

add/Ovaclean-589 A1.Q1 

chg/Sanisolv 754 K1.K2.K3 

Chemco Chemical Company 

add/Pyre-Trol Fl 

chg/Remove A4 

formerly Concrete Cleaner 

Chemco Products Company 

add/Granular Drain Opener LI 

add/Chemical Consultants 

Detergent 900 Al 

Pink Rose Al 

Safe-Chlor Powdered Chlorine 

Bleach Bl 

Wash Laundry Detergent Bl 

Chemical Packaging Corporation 

add/Chemi-Cap Paint & 

Varnish Stripper C3 

Chemical Systems of Florida, Inc. 

add/CS-304 Al 

add/CS-710 G5 

add/CS-900 Conveyor Chain 

Lubricant A1.H2 

add/CS-900H Conveyor Chain 

Lubricant A1.H2 

Chemical Systems, Inc. 


Chemical Systems, Incorporated 

add/CC-200 A2 

add/Soft Hands E4 

add/SW 343 A2 

add/SW-296 A2 

Chemical Testing Corporation 

add/Compound BR1 G6 

add/Kemcor 260 G6 

add/Kemtest LBS G6 

add/Kemtest LST G6 

add/Kemtest PR5 G6 


Chemical-Ways Corporation 

add/Aqua Clean 201F G7 

add/Aqua Clean 410F G7 

Chemidyne Corporation 

add/CD-275 A1.B1 

chg/CD-332 A1.B1 

add/CD-471 A3 



add/Contest Al 

add/Chemite, Inc. 

Code 129 Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner Al 


Drain Free LI 

Chemland, Inc. 

chg/Bio Hatch Disinfectant- 

Sanitizer-Deodrzr D2,Q3 

add/Boil-Out #1 A2 

add/Boil-Out #2 A2 

add/Boil-Out #3 A2 

chg/Eggxel Chlorinated Egg 

Cleaner Q1.Q2 

formerly Eggxel 
Chlorinated Egg Clnr & 
add/Myco-Bac Germicidal 

Detergent Sanitizer G5,G5 

add/Chemline, Inc. 

Living Bacteria L2 


add/Butyl Clean LF A4 

add/Chain Lube H2 

add/Descaler A3 

add/MR-50 A3 

add/Rinse Aid Al 

add/Special Steam Cleaner A4 

Chempace Corporation 

add/Bonus E4 

Chemrite Corporation 

add/CR-515 Boilerite I G7 

add/CR-535 Boilerite M G7 

add/Gold Medal 100 HI 

Chemscope Corporation 

add/Contact Plus F2 

add/DD 212 D2 

add/Insect 3000 Fl 

chg/Marks Off CI 

add/Residual Insecticide F2 

add/Rust Solv H2 

add/Rust Solvent H2 

Chemstar Industries Inc. 

add/Mr. Grease H2 

Chemtech Inc. 

add/Control-Bac 2 CI 

Chemtek, Inc. 

add/Alive Bacteria/Enzyme 

CBE 10 L2 

add/Grease Beast L2 

add/H2S L2 

chg/ChemTreat, Inc. 

formerly Chemical Treatment 
del/BL-110 Boiler Water 

del/BL-160 Boiler Water 

del/BL-176 Boiler Water 

del/Chemical Treat. BL-128 

Clsd Sys Treat 
del/Chemical Treatment B-142 
del/Chemical Treatment B-144 
del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment BL- 

del/Chemical Treatment C-218 
del/Chemical Treatment CL- 

del/Chemical Treatment CL- 

del/Chemical Treatment CL- 

del/Chemical Treatment CL- 

del/Chemical Treatment CL- 

del/Chemical Treatment CL- 

del/Chemical Treatment CT- 

chg/ChemTreat B-121 G6 

formerly Chemical 
Treatment B-121 

chg/ChemTreat B-141 G6 

formerly Chemical 
Treatment B-141 

chg/ChemTreat BL-110 G6 

formerly Chemical 
Treatment BL-110 

chg/ChemTreat BL-131 G6 

formerly Chemical 
Treatment BL-131 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1316 G6 

formerly Chemtreat BL- 
1316 Boiler Water 

chg/ChemTreat BL-134 G6 

formerly Chemical 
Treatment BL-134 

chg/ChemTreat BL-135 G6 

formerly Chemical 
Treatment BL-135 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1353 G6 

formerly BL-1353 Boiler 
Water Treatment 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1356 G6 

formerly Chemtreat BL- 
1356 Boiler Water 

chg/ChemTreat BL-136 G6 

formerly Chemical 
Treatment BL-136 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1406 G7 

formerly CL-1406 Cooling 

Water Treatment 

chg/ChemTreat BL-151 G6 

chg/ChemTreat BL-152 G6 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1540 G6 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment BL-1540 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1541 G6 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1542 G6 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment BL-1542 
chg/ChemTreat BL-1543 G6 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment BL-1543 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1544 G6 

chg/ChemTreat BL-1545 G6 

formerly BL-1545 Steam 

Line Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-1546 G6 

formerly BL-1546 Steam 

Line Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-1547 G6 

formerly BL-1547 Steam 

Line Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-156 G6 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment BL-156 
chg/ChemTreat BL-170C G6 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment BL-170C 
chg/ChemTreat BL-171 G6 

formerly BL-171 Boiler 

Water Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-174 G6 

formerly BL-174 Boiler 

Water Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-175 G6 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment BL-175 
chg/ChemTreat BL-184 G7 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment BL-184 
chg/ChemTreat BL-197 G6 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment BL-197 
chg/ChemTreat BL-8611 G6 

formerly BL-8611 Boiler 

Water Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-8621 G6 

formerly Chemical Treat. 

BL-8621 Boiler WtrTreat 
chg/ChemTreat BL-8622 G6 

formerly Chemtreat BL- 
8622 Boiler Water 

chg/ChemTreat BL-8631 G6 

formerly BL-8631 Boiler 

Water Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-8641 G6 

formerly BL-8641 Boiler 

Water Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-8681 G6 

formerly BL-8681 Boiler 

Water Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat BL-8691 G6 

formerly BL-8691 Boiler 

Water Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat CL-135 G7 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment CL-135 
chg/ChemTreat CL-16 PI 

formerly CL-16 Resin 

chg/ChemTreat CL-402 G7 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment CL-402 
chg/ChemTreat CL-406 G7 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment CL-406 


chg/ChemTreat CL-408 G7 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment CL-408 
chg/ChemTreat CL-417 G7 

formerly CL-417 Cooling 

Water Treatment 
chg/ChemTreat CL-435 G7 

formerly Chemical Treat. 

CL-435 Cool. Wtr. Treat. 
chg/ChemTreat CT-50 G2 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment CT-50 
chg/ChemTreat CT-55 G2 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment CT-55 
chg/ChemTreat CT-57 G2 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment CT-57 
chg/ChemTreat CT-708 G2 

formerly Chemical 

Treatment CT-708 

Cherokee Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Chemeen 100 G7 

add/Enerex 202 G7 

add/Enerex 250 G6 

add/Keejell Al 

Chief Chemical & Supply, Inc. 

add/Excellent Al 

add/FR-12 Food Locker & 

Freezer Cleaner A5 

Christy Company, Incorporated 

add/Smoke House Cleaner A2 

Chute Chemical Company 

add/Caustic 100 A2.L1 

add/Cipac A3 

add/E-Z Rinse Degreaser Kl 

add/Fosfan A3 

del/Citation Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Cite Corporation 

add/6150 G7 

Cities Service Co. 

add/Citgo Sliderite 220 H2 


Dirt Away Hand Soap E4 

Lotion Hand Cleaner E4 

Mechanics Hand Soap E4 

Opal Shower Soap E4 

Sanitary Hand Cleaner El 

add/Cleaning Systems Inc. 

C.S.I. 0100 Al 

C.S.I. 0200 A4.C1 

C.S.I. 0300 Al 

C.S.I. 0400 Al 

C.S.I. 0700 Al 

Cleanite Company, The 

add/Dirt Away Hand Soap E4 

add/Lotion Hand Soap E4 

add/Mechanics Hand Soap E4 

add/Opal Shower Soap E4 

add/Sanitary Hand Cleaner El 

add/Clearco Products Co. 

Mr. Clearco Silicone Spray HI 

Clinch Enterprises 

add/North Atlantic A5 

Cobra Chemical Company, Inc. 


add/Cole Associates, Inc. 

E.Z. Klean Degreaser A4 

Cole Chemical & Supply, Inc. 

add/Hawk Liquid Cleaner A4 

Columbus Janitor Supply Co. 

add/C J Liv-Bac Bacterial 

Digestant CI 

Command Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Degrease S A4 

add/Disappear A4 

Commercial Chemical Products, Inc. 

add/Auto Skrub A4 

add/CCP Heavy Duty Steam 
Cleaner A4 

Commercial Cleanser Company 

add/Mr. Power-The Scrubbing 
Hand Cleaner E4 

Commercial Research Labs, Inc. 

add/Iron & Steel Deruster A3 

add/Liquid Hand Soap El 

add/Liquid Scale Remover A3 

add/Multi-Purpose Acid 
Cleaner A3 

Contact Industries, Inc. 

add/Fresh Pine CI 

add/Pro/Pak Citrus Lemon CI 

add/Pro/Pak Fresh Spice CI 

add/Pro/Pak Green Apple CI 

add/Pro/Pak Spring Bouquet ...CI 

Continental Research Corporation 

add/Tri-Mint Air Sanitizer & 
Surf. Disf.Deo CI 

Cook's Industrial Lubricants Inc. 

add/Albavis 20 H2 

add/Cooper-Griffin Water Services, 

Ox-Chem (Powder) G7 

Solution C/40 G7 

1006 G6 

add/Copper State Chemical Company 

Institutional Descale-It A8.C1 

Coral Chemical Company 

add/Egg Clene 200 Ql 

add/Liqui-Lube 4 H2 

Correlated Products, Inc. 

add/CPI Aqua Shield H2 

add/CPI Liquid Alive Bacteria. CI 

add/CPI Sani-Lube HI 

add/Quat-128 D2 

add/Roach & Ant Killer F2 

add/Craft Laboratories, Inc. 

BC-98 A4.A8 

Power Clean A4.A8 

Crane Industrial Chemicals/ A 
Division of Larsal Inc. 

add/CO-l Oven Cleaner A8 

Creative Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Creative #23 Emulsion 

Bowl Clnr & Disinf CI 

add/Powerhouse (Sup Cone) 
Emuls Bwl Cln&Dsnf CI 

add/Scour Bright Liquid 

Scouring Creme A6 

Crescent Resources Inc. 

add/Cres-Clean II Al 

add/Cres-Soap A E4 

del/Criter Chemco, Inc. 
Crouch Supply Company, Inc. 

add/Crouch 154BC Cleaner A2 

add/Steep Dl 

Crown Chemical Inc. 

add/A-A-A Chlorinated 

General Purpose Clnr Al 

add/H-D Alkaline Cleaner A2 

add/Strip-All A4 

add/Strip-All XXX A4 

Crown Chemicals 

add/B-1.5E.C F2 

add/3610-A Fl 

add/Crown Labs 

Absorbs CI 

Action Dl 

All 5 A4.C1 

April Air CI 

Best Al 

Best 101 A8 

Bright-N-Polish A3 

BC 1 G7 

BG518 Kl 

Chain-A-Lube H2 

Chefs Best Friend A8 

Cleanair CI 

Clear For Automatic Al 

Clear Glass CI 

Cling Clean CI 

Correct It G7 

Crown Concentrate A4 

CO 40 El 

De Foam Al 

Doesit L2 

Econ-O-Clean A4 

Enzo 10 L2 

Enzo 8 L2 

Fast C2 

Foam-B-Gone Al 

Freezer Clean A5 

Fresh CI 

Gem K2 

Gly-Co-Spray C2 

Grease Control LI 

Hand Power Al 

High Con CI 

High Suds Al 

JG19 Kl 

Klean CI 

LoSuds Bl 

Mint It CI 

MWD 1000 A3 

MWD 1000F A3 

Non Suds Al 


Off A4 

Outdoor CI 

P 100 A6 

Pour Away LI 

Pyro Kill Fl 

Quat-Clean A4 

Red Crown LI 


Scaleit A3 

See Thru CI 

Steamit Al 

Stick-2-It Kl 

Sweet It CI 


Victory LI 

Culligan Water Conditioning, Inc. 

add/B102 G6 

add/B330A G6 

add/SL 4 G6 

add/SL 5 G6 

add/SL 6 G6 

add/SL 7 G6 

Cynamic Chemical Corporation 

add/Cynamic 412 Chlorocyn Al 

add/Cynamic 413 Cyclone Al 

add/Cynamic 414 Ace A3 

add/D A P, Inc. 

Acrylic Latex Caulk with 

Silicone PI 

Architectural Caulk PI 

Tile Seal Adhesive Caulk PI 

D-Chem, Inc. 

add/Blast Fl 

add/D-KJean Al 

add/Double-D CI 

add/Foaming Oven Cleaner Kl 

add/Fog-O-Cide Fl 

add/GC-74 CI 

add/ID-350 Al 

add/Lemon Deodorant Cleaner. A4 

add/Lemon-D CI 

add/Marks Away CI 

add/PL-41 H2 

add/Q-10 Lemon D2 

add/Rid-500 F2 

add/Sili-Lube HI 

add/Spray N Clean CI 

add/SS-1 „. K2 

add/SSC^5 A7 

add/SSD-70 Kl 

Damon Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Cool-Rite #83 G7 

Davies- Young Company, The 

add/Buckeye Dets Bl 

add/Buckeye 2002 A7 

Davies, D. W. & Co., Inc. 

add/"Egg Wash #100" Ql 

add/"Egg Wash #200" Ql 

add/ "Smokehouse Cleaner 

#220" Al 

add/"Smokestick Cleaner 100" .. A8 

add/"Solvo Kleen #300" A4 

add/Davies "Klear-All" H.D. 

Liq. Drain Clnr LI 

add/Speed Kleen #100 A3 

Daxchem A Division of Oxford 

add/ISC-639 Fl 

add/De Laval Agricultural Division/ 
Alfa-Laval, Inc. 

Delia-Mist II Aerosol Fl 

Dearborn Chemical (U.S.)/ Chemed 

chg/Dearcide 706 G5.G7 

del/Dearcide 731 

Dearborn Chemical Company 

Subsidiary W. R. Grace & Co. 

add/Dearborn Aqua-Serv B-212G6 

add/Dearcide 731 G7 

add/Deartrol 4821 G6 

add/Ecomeen G6 

add/Polymate 665 G6 

del/Decra Cleaning Supply Company 
add/Degesch America, Inc. 

Degesch Fumi-Cel F4 

Degesch Fumi-Strip F4 

Degesch Magtoxin Pellets F4 

Degesch Magtoxin Pellets- 

Prepac F4 

Degesch Magtoxin Tablets-R F4 

Degesch Phostoxin Coated 

Pellets F4 

Degesch Phostoxin Coated 

Pellets-Prepac F4 

Degesch Phostoxin New 

Coated Tablets-R F4 

Del Rey Chemical Co. 

add/Everdead Plus F2 

Del Vel Chemical Company 

add/Liquid Magic El 

Delco Mfg. Co., Inc. 

add/Mean Blue Al 

Delta Foremost Chemical Corporation 

del/Foremost F-0374-ES Wtr 

Base Dust Command 
add/Foremost 1810-ES Grease 

Digesting Bact L2 

Delta Water Laboratories 

add/J-135 G7 

add/Dennert, R. & Associates, Inc. 

Murl's Heavy-Duty Floor 

Cleaner A4 

add/Der-Kel Chemical 

DK-100 G6 

DK-105 G6 

DK-130 G6 

DK-160 G6 

DK-185 G6 

DK-300 G7 

DK-305 G7 

DK-92 G7 

Des Moines Sanitary Supply 

add/Antiseptic Hand & Body 
Soap El 

Desachem Company, Inc., The 

add/Agnizo 16 Dl 

add/Altasan 160 D2 

add/Altasan 175 D2 

Desert Fly Control of Arizona, Inc. 

add/DFC Fogging Insecticide... Fl 

Despo Chemicals International, Inc. 

add/(H.D.A.) Heavy Duty AU- 

Kleen Al 

add/Asset Al 

add/Cobra Al 

add/CLP-1000 Al 

add/Direct 160 D2 

add/Dynyne B Al 

add/F.CC-50 CI 

add/Floor Cleaner Concentrate. A4 

add/Grime Off CI 

add/HF Vantage Al 

add/Just Rite A4 

add/Lift-Off Al 

add/MCX-107 Al 

add/Panther D2 

add/Phos Aid A3 

add/Phos 50 LF A3 

add/Protex A2 

add/Summit Al 

add/Super Cobra Al 

add/Super Focus Al 

add/Ultrax SC Al 

add/Vantage Al 

add/Winter Glycol PI 

DeMert & Dougherty, Inc. 

add/Clindo All Purpose 

Cleaner CI 

add/Dry Spray Lubricant H2 

add/Diamond Products Corporation 

Pet Special H2 

VCHL-40 Special H2 

add/Diamond Vogel Paints 

Acrylic Fil-Kote BF-1504 PI 

Dickler Chemical Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Concentrated Degreaser A4.A8 

add/Concentrated Odor 

Suppressant&Deodorizer CI 

add/Heavy Duty Butyl 

Degreaser Cleaner A4 

add/Liquid Caustic Drain 

Opener LI 

add/Liquid Dynamite Al 

add/Liquid Lightning Al 

add/Lotion Hand Soap E4 

add/Pressure Washer Cleaner... Al 

Dickson Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Pyra-Fog Magnum 3 Fl 

add/Pyra-Fog 1 Fl 

add/Pyra-Fog 1A Fl 

add/Pyra-Fog 3 Fl 

add/Pyra-Fog 5 Fl 

add/Pyra-Fog 6 Fl 

Dillard Paper Company 

add/Regency Mint Quat 

Disinfectant-Cleaner CI 

add/Diploid, Inc. 

Break-Away A4 

Inspector's Choice A4.A8 

Pine-O CI 

Prime A4 

Diversey Wyandotte Corporation 

add/CIPA Alkaline Cleaner A2 

add/Hydropowder Al 

add/Leader Bl 

add/Liquid Spec-Tak #4 A2 

add/Liquid Spec-Tak #4B A2 

add/Neutrolsoft B2 

add/PD-6266-1 A3 

add/PD-6279-1 Al 

add/PD-6295-O K2 

add/PD-6319-1 H2 

add/PD-6350-O A2 

add/PD-6356-O A3 

add/PD-6360-0 A2 

chg/PD-6390-0 A3 

formerly PX- 1724 Acid 

add/PD-6416-0 Al 


chg/Resource No. 2 A2,A8 

add/Result Al 

chg/Shur-Lube XH H2 

add/Steri-Chlor D D2 

Dober Water Treatment, Inc. 

add/DWT 55-Iron Scavenger. ...G6 

add/Dolphin Chemical Corp. 

Dolstrip A4 

Dolstnp XXX A4 

add/Dolphin Paint & Chemical 
Company, The 

Dolchem 6029 White 

Elastomeric Sealant PI 

Dominion Sanitary Corporation 

add/DSC #256 Al 

Dotz Chemical Company 

add/Germicidal Cleaner Dl 

Dow Chemical Company, The 

add/Chlorothene SM Kl 

Dow Corning Corporation 

add/999 Silicone Sealant- 
Aluminum PI 

add/999 Silicone Sealant-Black.. PI 
add/999 Silicone Sealant-Clear ..PI 
add/999 Silicone Sealant-White. PI 

del/Doyle Chemical Company 
Drew Chemical Corporation 

chg/Drewgard 120 Corrosion 

Inhibitor G5.G7.G2 

formerly Drewgard 120 
chg/Drewgard 187 Corrosion 

Inhibitor G5.G7 

add/Drewgard 187-B G5.G7 

add/Drewgard 189E Corrosion 

Inhibitor G5 

add/Drewgard 4301 Corrosion 

Inhibitor G7 

add/Drewgard 4885 Corrosion 

Inhibitor G5.G7 

add/Drewsperse 4345 G7 

add/Drewsperse 4385 G5.G7 

add/Drewsperse 4575 

Antifoulant G7 

add/Drewsperse 4585 

Antifoulant G6 

chg/Drewsperse 738 

Antifoulant G5,G7 

formerly Drewsperse 738 

add/Drewsperse 744 G5,G7 

add/Drewsperse 754 G5.G7 

add/Drewsperse 757 

Antifoulant G7 

add/Drewsperse 758 

Antifoulant G6 

add/Enviromate General 

Purpose Cleaner A4A8.C1 

Drummond American Corporation 

add/Cobra Chemical Drain 

Line Snake LI 

add/Pine Forest Pine Odor 

Disinfectant CI 

add/Precise Electronic Solvent 
Cleaner K2 

Dryden Oil Company, Inc. 

add/Ammonia Compressor Oil 
42 H2 

add/Ammonia Compressor Oil 
45 H2 

add/Ammonia Compressor Oil 

50 .H2 

add/Ammonia Compressor Oil 

55 H2 

add/Lid Oil 250 H2 

add/Paradene 100AW H2 

add/Paradene 15AW H2 

add/Paradene 1 50AW H2 

add/Paradene 22AW H2 

add/Paradene 220AW H2 

add/Paradene 32AW H2 

add/Paradene 320AW H2 

add/Paradene 46AW H2 

add/Paradene 460AW H2 

add/Paradene 68AW H2 

add/4000 X H2 

DuBois Chemicals 

add/CCL-40B H2 

chg/CLG-2 H2 

formerly CL 5350 

add/D-Sect 2 Fl 

add/DAC-1 A3 

add/Fresh Scent CI 

add/FC-9800 HI 

add/FC-9820 Al 

add/FCE-1 Al 

chg/FFC-lC A4 

add/FLC-47A Al 

add/FLC-47B Al 

add/FLC-47C Al 

add/FMH-lB HI 

chg/FSC-1-FT K1.K2 

chg/FWT-3 G5.G7 

add/GAX-16 G5 

add/GC-3680 Al 

add/HLD-47A Bl 

add/ILC-17 Al 

add/ISC-24A CI 

add/ISL-7A Al 

add/JAO-6 Aerosol H2 

chg/Lectro-Saf K2 

chg/MPO-10 H2 

formerly OS 664 
chg/MPO-20 H2 

formerly MPO-15 

add/Ni-Late Plus Bulk/2 F2 

add/Python Drain Cleaner- 
Python Deodorizer LI 

add/Rapid Kleen Plus Al 

chg/Surmount Bl 

formerly HLY-3 
chg/Zolv K2 

del/DuChemCo Products Company 
Dymon, Inc. 

add/Barrier Creme E4 

add/Belt Dressing H2 

add/Electric & Mechanical 

Contact Clnr&Dgrsr K2 

add/Extra Strength Heavy 

Duty Water Sol Clnr A4 

Dynasurf Chemical Corporation 

add/Natural Beauty CI 

DyChem International, Inc. 

add/Jack's Giant Killer A4 

E M A Laboratories 

add/Breeze Away II A8 

add/E M M X Corporation 

Lifeline H2 

MX-237 The Master Oil (Bulk)..H2 
E-Z Janitor Supply Co. 

add/E-Z Delimer A3 

add/E-Z Neutral All Purpose 

Cleaner A4 

add/E-Z Pine Aroma 

Disinfectant Deodorizer CI 

add/E-Z Pink Lotion Hand 

Dishwashing Detrgnt Al 

add/E-Z Ready-To-Use Hand 

Soap El 

add/E-Z 40% Liquid Hand 

Soap El 

E/M Lubricants, Inc. 

add/Perma-Slik CP-86W H2 

Eagle Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Cleaner Liquid Chlor Plus. A 1 

add/Cleaner 212 A Al 

add/Cleaner 404A-L Al 

add/Cleaner 418 C A4 

add/Detergent 3B Al 

add/Lectro-Solvent K2 

add/Loob J H2 

add/Stripper 203 GH A2 

add/Stripper 208 NA A2 

add/WT-12 G6 

add/WT-14 G6 

add/WT-15 G7 

add/WT-18 G7 

add/WT-22 G7 

add/WT-35 G6 

add/WT-66 G7 

add/WT-8F ". G7 

add/WT-8P G7 

add/WT17 G6 

Eagle Laboratories 

add/Kwik-Release H2 

add/Sili-Kote HI 

Easterday Supply Company 

add/Booster Laundry Break Bl 

add/Low Suds Launderall B2 

Eastern Chemical Products Corp. 

add/Aqua-Clean Foaming 

Cleaner Al 

Ecco Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/E-174 A4 

add/Hot Foam A4 

Eco Chemical Specialties, Inc. 

add/Eco Mop Strip A4 


add/545 G6 

add/547 G6 

add/560 G6 

Economics Laboratory, Inc. 

add/AA-300 G6 

add/AA-400 G6 

add/AA-505 G6 

add/AA-705 G6 

chg/Eco-Line Oven Clnr & 

All-Purpose Dgrsr A4.A8 

formerly Eco-Line Oven 


chg/Eco-Line Tricon A2 

add/Trichlor-O-Cide Formula 
XP-100 Dl 

Economy Compounds, Incorporated 

add/H-D Alkaline Cleaner A2 


del/Economy Products Company, Inc. 

Economy Service & Sales Company 

add/B-605 G6 

add/MA-400 G6 

Egan Supply Company 

add/Eagle Quick Suds Al 

Elements Illustrated, Incorporated 

add/BWT-650 G7 

Encee Chemical, Inc. 

add/Chlorinated Manual 

Cleaner Al 

add/Chlorinated-Cleaner Al 

add/Cl 2 General Cleaner Al 

add/Floor Cleaner A4 

add/Floor Cleaner-PO CI 

add/Liquid General Cleaner Al 

Enerco Corporation, The 

add/Enerco 400 G6 

add/Enerco 4400 G6 

add/Enerco 5400 G6 

add/Enerco 555 G6 

add/Enerco 556 G6 

add/Energy L & C 

Safety Solvent #1000 Kl 

Water Soluable Super Indstrl. 
Clnr&Dgrsr A4 

Energy Management, Inc. 

chg/Formula 1464 G6 

chg/Formula 1465 G6 

add/Formula 1480A G6 

Engineering Chemical Services, Inc. 

chg/L-l 17A G6 

add/Engineering Chemistry Company 

ECC Battery Terminal Cleaner 

and Protcr PI 

ECC Bugs Kill Brand Insect 

Killer F2 

ECC Chain & Cable Lubricant- 

Protectant H2 

ECC Crystal Clean CI 

ECC Food Equipment 

Lubricant HI 

ECC Hi-Purity Contact Cleaner K2 
ECC Non-Flammable Spray 

Lith Lube H2 

ECC Powerful Foam All 

Purpose Cleaner CI 

ECC Silicone Spray HI 

H. D. Drain Opener LI 

del/Enterprise Chemical and Paper 

del/Enviro Chem Corporation 

Environmental Chemical Corporation 

add/Antiseptic Lotion Hand 

Cleaner El 

add/CX-90 CI 

Environmental Chemical Systems, Inc. 

add/Betty's Pink Lotionized 

Hand Soap El 

add/Clean-N-Fresh El 

add/ECS Bolex C2 

add/ECS Chlorinated Krystals. Al 

chg/ECS Imperial A 1 

add/Tray Wash Al 

Epic Chemical Sales Corp. 

add/Epic CP 29-S Al 

add/Epic CP 33-F A4 

add/Epic CP 57-NF A3 

add/Epic CP 59-NF A3 

add/Epic Solvent A C3 

add/EP 33-FB Al 

add/Proseptol Dl 

Epic Chemicals, Incorporated 

add/Drainace CI 

Equipment Trade Service Co., Inc. 

add/FP 200 Super 
Concentrated Heavy Dty 
Clnr Al 

add/Eratek, Inc. 

Fog Sect Insecticide Fl 

del/Ergon Chemical Products/ Div. of 
Quality Lamp And Supply Inc. 

Essential Chemicals Corp. 

add/PM New-Safer Drain Pipe 

Opener LI 

add/PM 2841 ClngShwr 

Tile&Grt PrclnBowl Clnr C2 

add/2827 Pink Porcelain Bowl 

Cleaner C2 

del/Everall Products Inc. 
Excel Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Brick-Klenz A3 

add/Lightning Al 

add/Plus 25 A4 

chg/Stuff A4 

Excelsior Varnish & Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Boiler Treatment Powder I G6 
add/Boiler Treatment Powder 

II G6 

add/Liquid Oxygen Scavenger 

No. 9359 G6 

del/Excetra Chemical Company 
Exsl Chemical Company 

add/Booster Laundry Break A1.B1 

add/Exslite Laundry 

Compound B2 

add/Exslite Super X.L Al 

add/Exslite Super X.L. Liquid 

Concentrate Al 

add/Whiter Than Ever Bl 

Exxon Company, U.S.A. 

add/Telura 705 HI 

F M C Corporation 

add/Soda Ash Dense 160 G6.G1 

add/Soda Ash Grade 100 G6.G1 

add/Sodium Sesquicarbonate Gl 

F R M Chem, Inc. 

add/Rins-A-Dine D2 

Fairfield American Corporation 

add/Aqueous Residual Spray F2 

add/Baygon 1% Residual Spray F2 
add/Dursban Multi-Purpose 

Insecticide F2 

add/Multi-Purpose Residual 70 

W.P F2 

add/Pyrenone Dairy & Food 

Plant Aerosol II Fl 

add/Pyrenone Diazinon Wtr- 

Based Preszd Spray F2 

add/Pyrenone Dursban .25 

Roach&Ant Pres. Spr F2 

add/Pyrenone M.A.G.C. 10-1. ...Fl 

add/Pyrenone Pestigas Fl 

add/Pyrenone Total Release Fl 

add/Synthrin Multi-Purpose 

Insecticide Fl 

add/Tetralate 0.25-0.25 

Insecticide F2 

add/Tetralate 2.5-2.5 MAG F2 

Fast Products 

add/Fast Laundry Detergent Bl 

Federal International Chemicals 

add/Safety First Al 

add/Fellers, A. C. Corporation 

Power Plus A4.A8 

Power Plus-9 Al 

Filmite Oil Corporation 

add/Gear Film 418 H2 

Fiske Brothers Refining Co. 

add/Lubriplate APG 80W-90 ,...H2 

add/Lubriplate Icemo-300 H2 

add/Lubriplate MV-Hydraulic 
Oil H2 

Five Flags Chemical Co. 

del/Blue Mist 

Flo-Kern, Incorporated 

add/Flo Kern Hand Wash E2 

add/Flo-Out Drain Opener LI 

Flushing Plastics Corporation 

add/RMS-36 Al 

Fly Control Systems, Inc. 

add/FCS-104-l Fl 


Ezz H2 

Polysiloxane Release Agent HI 

Power Gel Kl 

Slick H2 

Sol-30 Kl 

Solve All CI 

Forto Chemical Corporation 

add/Hand Cleaner E4 

Foster Chemicals Inc. 

add/Chlorinated Cleaner/ 

Sanitizer FC 3.0 Dl 

add/Foster Grease SA821 H2 

add/Lubricating Oil FC140 HI 

add/Lubricating Oil FC20 HI 

add/Lubricating Oil FC40 HI 

add/Lubricating Oil FC90 HI 

add/Fowler Wholesale Distributing 

All Purpose Scale-X A3 

Frank Miller & Sons, Inc. 

add/Pine Odor Disinfectant CI 

Freedman, S. & Sons, Inc. 

add/BAC-T Al 


add/Cutter Al 

add/Jewel El 

add/Palm Liquid Hand Soap El 

add/Power Al 

Fremont Industries, Inc. 

add/Fremont 2308 D2 

add/Fremont 8825 G6 

add/8014 Laundry Detergent Bl 

add/9950 Combination Boiler 

Water Treatment G6 

add/9951 Combination Boiler 

Treat G6 

add/9955 Chelated Boiler 

Treatment G6 

add/Fresh Mark Chemical 

Fresh Clean X A3 

Fuller Brush Company, The 

add/HC600 Waterless Hand 
Cleaner Lotion E4 

Fuller, H. B., Company Monarch 
Chemicals Division 

add/Antisoil 500 A4 

add/Flo Brite H.D A2 

chg/Monarch Silicone 

Defoamer A1.Q5 

chg/Monarch Super Kabon D2.E3 

add/Monarch 1351 A2 

add/Monarch 1353 A2 

add/Monarch 300 LF Al 

chg/Monarch 900 Al 

add/Zing Al 

Fults Chemical, Incorporated 

add/Caustic Aid Al 

add/Ful-Force Al 

add/Ful-Steam A2 

add/Max A3 

G & L Supply Company 

add/Foam & Kleen CI 

add/Gansolin Chemical, Inc. 

Bac-Down D2 

Hi-Fome Liquid Hand Soap El 

Hi-Kleen Al 

Garratt-Callahan Company 

chg/Formula 153 G2.G6 

chg/Formula 44 G6 

chg/Formula 48 G6 

chg/Formula 485 G6 

add/Gateway Industrial Supply Inc. 

Liquid Spec Cleaner A2 

Power Foam Degreaser A4 

XL-70 A4 

1210 Al 

1300 Cleaner A2 

Gem Products, Incorporated 

del/Hunter's Deep Fat Fryer 


add/Gem Supply Company 

SD-100 Al 

add/Gemco Chemical & Industrial 
Products Inc 

Gem Clean Al 

add/General Chemical And Supply 

Attack Steam Cleaner Al 

General Chemical, Inc. 

add/Caustic Concrete Cleaner. ..A4 

add/Caustic Drain Opener LI 

add/Double Duty Degreaser A4 

add/Lime Away A3 

add/Non-Acid P.T.C CI 

add/Pine Odor Cleaner #10 CI 

add/Pine Odor Cleaner #70 CI 

add/Re-mov-it Stripper A4 

add/Waterless Hand Soap 

(Cream) E4 

add/Waterless Hand Soap with 

Pumice E4 

add/01 Degreaser Al 

General Electric Company 

add/AF9020 Silicone Antifoam 
Emulsion Q5 

add/General Industries Corp. 

Acid Detergent A3 

Enduro A4 

Krazy Kleener A4 

Mean Clean Al 

General Supply Company 

add/GSI Bleach Bl 

add/Gentle Ben Cleaning Systems, 

GB 111 A4.A8 

add/Gentry Products 

Troy Cone. Multi-Purpose 

Spray Clnr Al 

Georgia-Pacific Corporation 

chg/Cormatic Food Processing 

Hand Wash E2 

formerly Cormtic Health 
Care Hand Wash 

Gerson Laboratories, Inc. 

add/CSS-D G3.G7 

add/CSS-N „ G3.G7 

add/CSS-P G3.G7 

add/S-802 G6 

add/TPP-D G6 

Glazer Chemical Corporation 

add/Glass Cleaner CI 

add/Grease Gun H2 

add/Nuts Off H2 

add/Soft Touch E4 

Global Laboratories, Inc. 

del/Global 2020 

Globe Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/"New Day" L2 

add/Tiger Spray L2 

Globe Sanitary Products Co. 

add/Essence CI 

add/Globe-All 100 Al 

add/Globe-All 200 Al 

add/Mo-Clean II Kl 

Globe Services 

add/Qat 1000 D2 

Gran-Tenesco Resources, Inc. 

add/Verdict Smoke House 
Cleaner A2 

add/Grand Rapids Sanitary Supply 

Sensation Al 

Great Plains Chemical Company 

chg/BW-l 13 G6 

add/BW-119 G6 

add/BW-128 G6 

add/BW-131 G6 

add/BW-204 G6 

add/BW-208 G6 

add/BW-301 G6 

add/BW-336 G6 

chg/CS 550 G7 

formerly SC 550 

add/CT-443 G6 

add/CW-512 G7 

add/CW-523 G7 

add/CW-525 G7 

add/CW-537 G7 

add/SD-542 G6 

add/Great Scott! Services, Ltd. 

Glass Cleaner CI 

Silicone Spray HI 

Stainless Steel Cleaner A7 

Vandalism Remover CI 

Gulf Chemicals Co. 

add/Gator A4 

add/Gulf Coast Sanitary Supply 

Commercial Spontaneous 
Emulsifier Al 

Gulf Oil Corporation 

add/Gulf Synfluid Technical 
White Oil 2 cSt HI 

add/Gulf Synfluid Technical 
White Oil 4 cSt HI 

add/Gulf Synfluid Technical 
White Oil 6 cSt HI 

Gurtler Chemicals Inc. 

add/Command Bl 

add/Complete Bl 

add/Dynomite Bl 

add/GLS Brite-Det Bl 

add/GLS Detergent Bl 


H & H Industrial Products, Inc. 

add/Lithoplex 5700 H2 

add/Lithoplex 5701 H2 

add/Lithoplex 5702 H2 

H & S Chemicals Division 

add/Formulation HS-138D G7 

add/Formulation HS-69D G7 

add/Formulation HTA-64 

Disinfectant D2 

add/Formulation H6-29 D2 

add/Hi-Tor A Germicidal 

Detergent D2 

H.P. Industrial Sales Co. 

add/HPI "Easy-Kleen" Bowl 

Cleaner C2 

add/HPI Alkyl A4.A8 


add/HPI Foam-Up A4 

add/HPI Heavy Duty Magic 

Concrete Cleaner CI 

add/HPI Hound Dog Concrete 

Cleaner CI 

add/HPI Insecticide No. Ill Fl 

add/HPI Knock Down 

Defoamer Al 

add/HPI Lem-O-Dis 19-30 A4 

add/HPI Malathion-50 Spray F2 

add/HPI Mint-O-Dis 27-42 A4 

add/HPI Odorless Concrete 

Cleaner A4 

add/HPI Prize Machine 

Dishwash Detergent Al 

add/HPI Red Inhibited Bowl 

Cleaner C2 

add/HPI Santi-Wash E2 

add/HPI Space Spray No. 3 Fl 

add/HPI Steam Cleaner 

"Heavy Duty" A2 

add/HPI Steel Equipment 

Cleaner & De-Ruster A2 

H-O-H Chemicals, Inc. 

add/B-730 G6 

add/B-750 G6 

Halbro Control Industries, Inc. 

add/Bio- Aid L2 

add/Doctor Foam C2 

add/Formula 2001 CI 

Hammond Technologies, Inc. 

add/Asept 256 Al 

Handi-Clean Products, Inc. 

add/Super Force Detergent/ 

Disinfectant D2 

add/Hebco Industries, Inc. 

BWT 601 G6 

BWT 605 G6 

BWT 612 G6 

BWT 615 G6 

Heinrich Fischer & Company 

add/Chainlife 700 HI 

Heisler-Green Chemical Co. 

add/A24-4 Algae Treatment G7 

add/Helmar Ltd. 

Kon-Cure #1020 PI 

Hemisphere Chemical Corp. 

add/De-Clog 'S' L2 

add/Henny Penny Corporation 

Glass Protective Coating CI 

Hi-Brett Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Formula 1410 Al 

add/Hiawatha I Supply 

Jell Vandal Mark Remover CI 

Penetrating Oil & Moisture 

Remover H2 

Vandal Mark Remover CI 

Hild-Chem Division 

del/Hild All Purpose Cleaner 

Hill Manufacturing Company, Inc. 

add/#2362 Foamer Cone Al 

add/#2363 Alkaline Additive ,...A2 
add/#2373 Agri-Con 

Insecticide Concentrate Fl 

add/LC-65-X Liquid Steam 

Cleaner Al 

add/No. 2338 Compound A4 

Hillcrest Products Inc. 

add/HP-77 Conveyor Lubricant H2 

Hillside Brush & Chemical Co. 

add/H-555 A4.A8 

chg/Holt Lloyd Corp. 

formerly LPS Research 
Laboratories Inc. 

add/Home Town Chemical Co. 

HT-300 Multi-Purpose Cleaner. CI 

HT-340 Meat Room Cleaner Al 

HT-375 Liquid Hand Soap El 

HT-500 Steam Cleaning 

Detergent Al 

HT-550 Extra Heavy Duty 

Cleaning Cmpd Al 

Hood Chemical Company 

add/BWT 100 Al 

add/BWT 271 G6 

add/BWT 319 G6 

add/BWT 603 G6 

chg/BWT 72 A3 

formerly Wallex 72 

add/BWT-101 AF G6 

add/BWT-217 G6 

add/BWT-226 G6 

add/BWT-227 G6 

add/BWT-253 AF G6 

add/BWT-319 G6 

add/CWT 319 G5 

add/CWT 874 G5 

add/CWT 920 G5 

Hood Products, Inc. 

add/Hoodkleen-450 Al 

add/StripoI-210 A2 

chg/Horizon Distributors Inc. 

formerly Horizon Chemical Co. 

chg/Toro-Drain LI 

formerly Thoro-Drain 

add/Hotsy Bay Area, Inc. 

Super XL. Liquid Concentrate .Al 

Hotsy Corporation, The/ Chemical 

add/Cloro Clean GP Al 

add/Hotsy 710 Al 

add/Pow-R-Det A2 

add/Pro-Shine Al 

add/Toilet Bowl Cleaner C2 

Howe Chemical Company 

add/Cleaner L-145 A2 

add/Liquid Cleaner No. 20 Al 

add/Liquid Cleaner No. 25 Al 

add/Hunter & Walker, Inc. 

Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser .... A4,A8 
GP-3000 All Purpose Cleaner.... A4 
Lemon Liquid Hand Soap El 

Huntington Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Bingo Beaded Drain 

Opener LI 

add/Dyna-San Automatic 

Warewashing Detergent Al 

add/Dyna-San Concentrated 

Sanitizer/Cleaner D2 

add/Dyna-San Heavy Duty 

Foaming Cleaner A4 

add/Dyna-San Stainless Steel 

Maintnr w/Lemon A7 

add/Firing Squad Flying Insect 

Killer Fl 

add/Firing Squad Liquid 

Residual F2 

add/Firing Squad ULV Spray 

Insecticide Fl 

add/Firing Squad Wasp & 

Hornet Spray Fl 

add/Gamut II D2 

add/PVP Iodine Scrub FE-814 . E2 

Huntsville Industrial Supply Co., Inc. 

add/Pink Power A4 

Hydrite Chemical Company 

add/Acid Concentrate No. 152.. A3 

add/Bowl Cleaner No. 155 C2 

add/White Oil No. 656 HI 

add/White Oil No. 657 HI 

add/White Oil No. 658 HI 

add/White Oil No. 659 HI 

add/White Oil No. 660 HI 

add/White Oil No. 661 HI 

add/Hydro Chem Laboratories, Inc. 

BP-1822 G6 

BSC-3821 G7 

BSC-3822 G6 

BSC-3823 G7 

BSC-3830 G7 

HML-30 G6 

HMP-10 G6 

HMP-1820 G6 

OX-2805 G6 

RLT-4840 G6 

RLT-9840 G7 

Silicor G6 

Hygin Sanitary Supply Co. 

add/Serpent CI 

Hysan Corporation 

add/Big Blast F2 

add/C-Spra Babv Powder Scent CI 

add/C-Spra Lemon Scent CI 

add/C-Spra Spearmint Scent CI 

add/Hy-Strip A4 

add/HDC Degreaser A4.A8 

add/Spectrum I Al 

add/Sure Sept D2 

add/I C S 

Honey-Brite C2 

Quick-Shot LI 


add/Anti-Seize H2 

add/Glass & Hard Surface 

Cleaner CI 

add/Industrial Heavy Duty 

Foaming Cleaner A8 

add/Luminesce A3 

add/Soft Touch E4 

add/I-Chem Laboratories, Inc. 

DiSan Sanitizer-Cleaner D2 


Ideal Solutions, Inc. 

chg/White Knight Food Plant 
Lubricant HI 

Ind-Ag Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Smoooth El 

Independence Chemical Co. 

add/Indco Break Bl 

add/Indco LC-10 HA A3 

add/Independent Chemical Co. 

Q-64-L CI 

Sani-Rinse D2 

Independent Chemical Corporation 

add/BT 600 G6 

Industrial & Institutional Supply Co., 

add/Foam-Up A4 

Industrial Chemical Labs., Inc. 

add/Pow'r Foam A4 

add/White Touch Liquid 

Laundry Bleach Bl 

del/Industrial Chemicals of Arizona, 

Industrial Fumigant Company, The 

del/Vap 500 

add/Industrial Marketing 

Conveyor Chain Lubricant H2 

Industrial Rubber Products Company 

add/Machine Clean J-300-MC ... Al 

del/Industrial Sanitation Company 
Industrial Water Chemicals 

add/Algacide-B G7 

add/AHTC-lOOP A4.A8 

add/AHTC-25L A4.A8 

add/AHTC-25L A4.A8 

add/Formula 704 G7 

add/No-Rust-NS G7 

add/IndusCo, Ltd. 

All Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrate 455 Al 

Cleaner Degreaser/Deodorizer 

427 A4.A8 

Cleaner Degreaser/Deodorizer 

428 Al 

Inland Aquatech Co. 

add/Formula No. BT-12 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-20 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-40 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-44 G6 

add/Formula No. BT-50 G6 

add/Formula No. BT-62F G7 

add/Formula No. BT-70 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-71 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-81 G6 

add/Formula No. BT-812 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-820 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-840 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-844 G6 

add/Formula No. BT-850 G6 

add/Formula No. BT-862F G7 

add/Formula No. BT-870 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-871 G7 

add/Formula No. BT-881 G6 

add/Formula No. BT-890 G6 

add/Formula No. BT-90 G6 

add/Formula No. CT-153 G7 

add/Formula No. CT-8153 G7 

add/Formula No. ST-787 G6 

add/Formula No. ST-84 G6 

add/Formula No. ST-87 G6 

add/Formula No. ST-88 G6 

add/Formula No. ST-884 G6 

add/Formula No. ST-888 G6 

Inlander-Steindler Paper Company 

del/ISP All Purpose Cleaner 

Institutional Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Fresh CI 

add/Sonic Cleaner And 

Degreaser Al 

add/Whistle Porcelain Cleaner ..C2 


add/Premium Ultra Steam A4,A8 

add/Scale-Out A3 

add/Steam-Tech A4 

add/Tower Trete G7 

add/Tower Trete Clear G7 

del/Interconti Chemical Corp. 
Intercontinental Chemical Corp. 

add/ICC A-A-20/B Al 

add/ICC Poly-Con CF-52 H2 

add/ICC Poly-Con CF-54 H2 

add/ICC Poly-Con FG-6 HI 

add/ICC 143 Al 

add/ICC 305 A4.A8 

add/ICC 3115 Al 

add/ICC 3711 Q5 

add/ICC 3716 Q5 

add/ICC 500 CI 

add/ICC 519 A6 

add/ICC 533 Al 

add/Lime Go A3 

International Chemtex Corporation 

chg/B-234 G6 

chg/B-235 G6 

add/B-250 A G6 

del/International Research 
add/InterChem, Inc. 

Super II Brand Insect Spray Fl 

Intex Products, Incorporated 

add/Intex 8123 A4 

add/8610 Liquid Lotion Soap.... El 

Itek International Division 

add/Excell Insecticide Fl 

add/Formula 38 Power 

Insecticide Fl 


Soft Touch E4 

Jack Flint & Son, Inc. 

add/1276 Task Master Al 

add/Jack Ray And Sons Oil Company 

White Oil 70 USP HI 

White Oil 75-T HI 

White Oil 90 USP HI 

James River Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Perform Al 

James Varley & Sons, Inc. 

add/Hotsy Totsy Foaming- 

Action Oven Cleaner A8 

add/Mist Away Cleaner- 
Disinfectant A4 

Jan-San Supply Co. 

add/APC Truly A3 

add/J-Sanni-10 D2 

add/Jan San 485 A2 

add/Liquid Hand Soap 20 El 

add/Liquid Hand Soap 40 El 

add/Super Strip A4.A8 

add/702 Power Kleen Al 

add/703 Super Kleen A4.A8 

add/Janco Industries 

Dazzle CI 

chg/ Janitors Supply Co., Inc. 

formerly Janitor Supply Co. Inc. 

add/Bacstop Antiseptic Lotion 

Skin Cleaner El 

add/Dermadine Iodine Hand 

Cleaner E2 

add/Prestige Antiseptic 

Deodorant Skin Clnr El 

add/Soft Touch Lotion Skin 

Cleaner E4 

Janitors Supply Co., Inc., The 

add/Wayne #777 Solvent Mtr 
Dgrsr&Equip Clnr K2 

add/Wayne D.A.L. II H2 

add/Wayne Red Grease Multi- 
purpose Grease H2 

add/Wayne Spite All Purpose 
Cleaner CI 

add/Wayne Steel-Glo Stainless 
Steel Cln&Plsh A7 

add/ Janton Co., The 

Foam & Kleen CI 

Jefco Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Glisten Stainless Steel 

Cleaner & Polish A7 

add/Sub-Zero A5 

Jeryco Chemical & Supply Co., Inc. 

add/Ban-Odor No. 61 CI 

add/Jet Clean #45 Al 

add/ Jim Walter Papers 

Leader Mean Green Degreaser.. Al 
Leader Purple Power Plus A4 

John B. Moore Corporation 

add/Megapower All Purpose 

Cleaner A4 

Johnson, S.C. & Son, Inc. 

del/Bolt Comm Insect Liq Air 

Form V-500 ULD 
add/Crew Foaming Shower 

Room Cleaner CI 

Jonah Service Company 

add/Celebrity C2 

Jones Chemicals, Incorporated 

chg/Sunny Sol Bleach B1.G4 

add/Sunny Sol Calcium 

Hypochlorite D2 


add/K & S All Purpose Products, Inc. 

MT-50 Acid Cleaner A3 

Sanital Disinfectant Cleaner Dl 

K-Klean Chemical Company Inc. 

add/ALC #1 Al 

Kamo Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

add/Total Systems Formula 

CD 20 Al 

add/Total Systems Formula 


add/Total Systems Formula 


add/Total Systems Formula 

WCT 1 G7 

add/Total Systems Formula 

2300 G7 

add/Total Systems Formula 

6900 Concentrate G6 

Kankakee Industrial Supply Co. 

add/KM 198 Al 

add/KM 199 Al 

add/KM- 150 All Purpose 

Cleaner A4 

add/KM-195 Emulsion Cleaner . A4,A8 
add/KM-350 Wax Stripper A4 

Kansas Janitorol Supply 

add/Torol Contact & Residual 

Insecticide F2 

add/Torol Glass & Utility 

Cleaner CI 

Kar Products Inc. 

add/76142 Food Grade Silicone HI 

add/Karmi Industries 

Acid Cleaner A3 

Boil Out A2 

Coconut Liquid Hand Soap 

15% El 

Heavy Duty Degreaser A4 

Kay Chemical Company 

add/Formula 212 A8 

Kayline Chem-Llite Co. 

add/Bat-Sav PI 

add/Blast Insect Killer Cherry 

Fragrance F2 

add/Boiler Sludge Conditioner. G6 

add/Boiler Treatment Liquid G6 

add/Boiler Treatment Powder... G6 

add/C & C Lube H2 

add/Clear Thru Mint Glass & 

Utility Cleaner CI 

add/End-Con PI 

add/Great A4 

add/Magic Klean Disinfectant 

Deodorant Clnr CI 

add/No. 25 Insect Spray Fl 

add/Oven Ease A8 

add/Powdered Drain Opener 

Fast Acting LI 

add/Skin Shield E4 

add/Steam Line Treatment G6 

add/Super Spray Multi-Use 

Cleaner Degreaser CI 

Keene Products 

add/Keene Slime Remover 206- 

LF A2 

add/Keene 206-LF A2 

add/Keene 206-PX A2 

Keepers Supply Corporation 

add/Complex KII Al 


Concrete Floor Cleaner No. 10. CI 
Pine Lift Cleaner CI 

Kellermeyer Chemical Company 

add/San-O-White C2 

add/Kellermeyer Company 

"Bench Mate" KF-102 Food 
Grade Lubricant HI 

"Bench Mate" KL-103 Hvy 
Duty Sil. Lubrnt HI 

"Bench Mate" KM- 104 Four- 
In-One Lubrcnt H2 

"Bench Mate" KP-109 

Penetrating Lubrcnt H2 

"Bench Mate" KR-105 Red 

Pentrtng Grease H2 

"Bench Mate" KS-100 Resdl- 
FreeSafe.Sol K2 

Kem Manufacturing Corp. 

add/Exo-Therm LI 

add/Fog-It F2 

add/Liquicellerate L2 

add/Kem-World Inc. 

CW Foam Cleaner Al 

Kendall Refining Company/ Div. of 
Witco Chemical Corporation 

add/Kendco 155 Comp. Gear 

Lubricant SAE 140 H2 

add/Kendco 206 Comp. Gear 

Lubricant SAE 250 H2 

add/Kentucky Specialty Chemical Inc. 

KB 510-F G6 

Kernite/ Division of NCH 

add/K-Plus K2 

add/Lek-Lube K2 

add/Lemon Bright A4 

Keystone Division/Pennwalt Corp. 

add/G.P. 50 H2 

add/5P7 HI 

del/5P7 Medium 

Keystone Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Cocosoap-15 El 

add/Keystone SL-682 G6 

add/Keytech Chemicals Inc. 

Parafos 200 G2 

Parafos 500 G2 

Kim-Ko Inc. 

add/ All Purpose Cleaner CI 

add/Brake Service Brake Parts 

Cleaner Kl 

add/Clean-n-Grease H2 

add/D.W.L. De-Water Lube H2 

add/Electrical Safety Solvent ,...K2 
add/Fresh -n- Spicy Air 

Freshener CI 

add/Glass Cleaner CI 

add/HI-P Contact Cleaner K2 

add/Super Pine Disinfectant CI 

King Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/K-100 G7 

add/K-212 G6 

add/Klean Maintenance & Equipment 

Wallop Magic Cleaner Al 


Conditioning Creme Hand 

Cleaner E4 

Deep Cleaning Pumice Hand 

Cleaner E4 

Hand Cleaner with Volcanic 

Pumice E4 

Protective Hand Cleaner E4 

Klenzade Division Economics 
Laboratory, Inc. 

chg/AC-30 A3 

formerly Klenzmation 

Formula AC-30 

chg/Bac-Flush D2,E3,G5 

add/Bevro-Sheen A2 

chg/Catalyst A1.G2 

formerly AC-6 

add/Thermo-Purge Al 

del/Trichlor-O-Cide Formula 

Knight Marketing Corporation 

add/Knight's Antiseptic 

Coconut Hand Soap E4 

add/Knight's Pink Pearl Lotion 
Soap Antisptc E4 

Kokomo Janitor Supply Co., Inc. 

add/KJS Disinfectant 

Bathroom Cleaner C2 

add/KJS Hospital Use 

Disinfectant Spray CI 

Kor-Chem, Inc. 

add/Blue Foam A4 

add/Caustic Soap A2 

add/Formula 314 Egg Wash 

Powder Ql 

add/Hot Foam A4 

add/Rustrol 102L G6 

Kraft Foods 

chg/Chlorinated C.I.P. Cleaner 

RK-331 A2 

del/Chlorinated Farm Cleaner 

del/NDP-29 Dairy Farm 

Cleaner RK-338 
del/NDP-32 Milkstone 

Remover RK-339 

Kranz Inc. 

add/Drain Cleaner L2 

Kroger Co., The 

add/Bright #29 A3 

add/Bright #31 A2.L1 

add/Bright #40 Al 

add/Bright #44 A1.Q1 

Lad Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Hyge Kleenz Dl 

add/Scum Remover Al 


Lake Grove Laboratories 

add/Freezer Cleaner A5 

Lane Laboratories, Incorporated 

del/COS-40 Liquid Hand Soap 
del/Freezer-Locker Cleaner 

add/Kleen-Away El 

add/Un-Lock H2 

add/Larry's Works & Sales 

Waste Zapp'r L2 

Lawson Products, Inc. 

add/Flexseal Silicone Sealant 
#83041-White PI 

add/Flexseal Silicone Sealant 
#83042-Clear PI 

add/Light Oil Lubricant No. 

19907 H2 

add/LaPort Chemical & Supply, Inc. 

Reliance Multi-Purpose Cleaner Al 

Lehrman, A.J. & Sons 

add/Ajay Big-8 Al 

add/Ajay Deoxidizer A3 

add/Ajay Glassheen CI 

add/Ajay Medi-Creme El 

add/Ajay Pink Lotion Al 

add/Ajay Quick-Strip CI 

add/Ajay Residual Insecticide ...Fl 
add/Ajay Spearmint 

Disinfectant Cleaner C2 

add/Ajay Super Strip A4 

add/Ajay Super 8 Al 

add/Ajay Surgi-Mint El 

add/Lema Labs, Inc. 

BA.C. Bio Active Cultures in 

Liquid .- L2 

Basic Disinfectant-Cleaner Dl 

Big "G* Al 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 5) CI 

BlastOff Al 

Chemtronic Al 

Coil-ite PI 

Grill-O A8 

Lema Klean Concentrate Al 

Lema Lemon Disinfectant A4 

Lemacide W.T.C G7 

Miracle Cleaner Concentrate A4 

Muscle Power Cone. Emulsion 

Bowl Clnr C2 

Neutral A4 

Pine-Brite CI 

Remov-Ox A3 

Whirlpool LI 

Leonard Brush Company, Inc. 

add/Leonard's Porcelain and 
Bowl Cleaner C2 

add/San-Sation Bowl Cleaner 
And Disinfectant C2 

Leonard, W. F. Co. Inc. 

add/Lenco Poultry Brite Al 

LeMasters' Janitor Supply Co. 

add/Jell Vandal Mark Remover CI 

Liberty Brand Inc. 

add/Mun-373 L2 

add/Rough Touch E4 

add/Super Clean CI 

add/Liberty Industrial Supply Co. 

LISCO Hand&Body Soap 

Antsep Ltn Hnd Soap El 

Lily Industrial Chemicals Inc. 

add/Cleaner Chlor Plus 100 Al 

Lily Products of Michigan, Inc. 

add/Liquid Drain Control L2 

add/LP Freezer Cleaner A5 

add/LP 660 A3 

Lincoln Center Co-Op 

add/Boost Al 

add/Chelated Caustic CL-3 A2 

add/Dynamo A2 

add/HTP Acid Cleaner A3 

Lindsey Chemical Company 

add/Formula 444 Al 

add/Super Paragon Al 

Lipha Chemicals, Inc. Chempar 
Products Division 

add/Maki Paraffinized Pellets ....F3 
add/Maki Rat And Mouse Bait 
Packs (Pellets) F3 

Loctite Corp. 

add/Superbonder 495 Instant 
Adhesive PI 

Lomar Industries 

add/Cleans All CI 

add/Dazzle CI 

add/Enz-All L2 

add/Grease Gun H2 

add/Hands Off E4 

add/Liquid Alive L2 

add/LP-40 H2 

add/Remove Hand Cleaner E4 

add/Stove & Oven Cleaner A8 

add/Vandal Mark Remover CI 

add/X-Sect F2 

Lone Star Brush & Chemical Co. 

add/FP-Sanitizer D2 

add/PW-81 Al 

add/Shur-Solve (Aerosol) Kl 

Long Chemical, Incorporated 

add/Resolve CI 

Lovinger Company 

add/Clout C2 

add/Grease Gun H2 

add/Metal Shine A7 

add/Oven Cleaner A8 

add/Vandalex CI 

add/Loyal Service Systems 

King Kleen Glass Cleaner CI 

King Kleen Hand Dishwashing 

Detergent Al 

King Kleen Machine 

Dishwashing Detergent Al 

King Kleen Oven & Grill 

Cleaner A8 

King Kleen Pine Scented 

Cleaner CI 

King Kleen Stainless Steel 

Cleaner A3 

add/Lubefax Corporation, The 

EzFree H2 

Faxene .Kl 

FG-51 H2 

Gearfax HI 

Omnilube H2 

Lubrication Engineers, Inc. 

add/4023 (HI) Food Machinery 
Lubricant HI 

add/9920 Synolec Gear 

Lubricant H2 

add/LubriChem, Inc. 

Cleaner Add 3C Al 

Cleaner Chlor Liquid Al 

Cleaner Chlor Plus Al 

Cleaner Chlor Plus Three Al 

Cleaner Chlor Plus Two Al 

Cleaner FA 22 A Al 

Cleaner Jelling Agent Al 

Cleaner Liquid Chlor Plus Al 

Cleaner Strip Add Al 

Cleaner 212 A Al 

Cleaner 223 C A2 

Cleaner 225 C A2 

Cleaner 302 C A2 

Cleaner 304 C A2 

Cleaner 401 A Al 

Cleaner 403 A Al 

Cleaner 404 A Al 

Cleaner 404A-L Al 

Cleaner 406 A A4 

Cleaner 412 C A2 

Cleaner 418 C A4 

Detergent 3B Al 

Lectro-Solvent K2 

Loob J H2 

LC-0 AA Food Grade Grease. ..HI 
LC-1 AA Food Grade Grease ...HI 
LC-10W A A Food Grade Oil.... HI 
LC-140W A A Food Grade 

Gear Oil HI 

LC-2 AA Food Grade Grease... HI 
LC-20W AA Food Grade Oil.... HI 
LC-30W AA Food Grade Oil.... HI 
LC-40W AA Food Grade Oil.... HI 
LC-90W AA Food Grade Gear 

Oil HI 

Paint Lok Metal Conditioner 1 ..A3 
Paint Lok Metal Conditioner 2.. A3 
Paint Lok Metal Conditioner 3. .A3 

Rust Stripper C A2 

Stripper 203 GH A2 

Stripper 204 DS Al 

Stripper 208 NA A2 

WT-12 G6 

WT-14 G6 

WT-15 G7 

WT-18 G7 

WT-22 G7 

WT-35 G6 

WT-6 G6 

WT-66 G7 

WT-7E G6 

WT-77 G7 

WT-8 G7 

WT-8F G7 

WT-8P G7 

WT17 G6 

Luseaux Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Zap Bl 

LuBar Company 

add/All Purpose Scale-X A3 

add/Silicone Lubricant & 

Coating H2 

LuBest/ Division of Momar 

add/Titan 666 H2 

addATitan 777 H2 


Lynn Protein Inc. 

add/30-30 Acid Cleaner A3 

add/Lyons Laboratories, Inc. 

All Purpose Glass & Utility 

Cleaner CI 

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. A7 
Vandalism Remover CI 


add/M B S C 

Microcide Dl 

M/A Associates, Inc. 

add/All Purpose Cleaner CI 

add/Bayberry Air Freshener CI 

add/Brake & Parts Cleaner Kl 

add/Dry Moly Lubricant H2 

add/Gear Lubricant H2 

add/Glass Cleaner CI 

add/Gum Remover CI 

add/Klean 'N Clear CI 

add/Oven & Grill Cleaner A8 

add/Penetrating Lubricant H2 

add/Pine Air Freshener CI 

add/Qat 1000 Disinfectant 

Deodorizer Sntzr D2 

add/Qat 1250 D2 

add/Qat 160 Dl 

add/Qat 450 Cleaner 

Deodorizer Dsnfnt Fngcd D2 

add/Qat 900 


add/Safety Solvent K2 

add/Stainless Steel And Polish. A7 
add/Vandalism Mark Remover.. CI 

add/Wonder Utility Cleaner CI 

add/60-65% Lube Soap A1.H2 

add/Mac Materials & Chemicals 

Mac's Blue Dazzle CI 

Madison Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/CIP-300X A3 


chg/Actinate CI 

add/Microgen 21 L2 

Magee Chemical Company 

add/Coco 20 El 

add/Seal and Finish Remover.... C3 

chg/Magnaflux Surface Conditioners, 

formerly Omega Chemical 
Company, Inc. 

del/#1011 General Purpose 

chg/Addit Al 

formerly Omega Addit 
del/All Clean 
del/Arcid 8 
del/Auto Brite 
del/Auto Magic 

del/Bottle Wash 101 
chg/BW Al 

formerly Omega BW 
chg/Chlor Al 

formerly Omega-Chlor 
chg/Clean II Al 

formerly Clean 

chg/Cooler/Cooker Compound G5 

formerly Omega Cooker/ 

Cooler Compound 
chg/CID A3.Q1 

formerly Omega-Cid 
chg/CIP Cleaner 103 A2 

formerly Omega CIP 

Cleaner 103 
del/Dee Scale II 
chg/Deesoap A 1 

formerly Omega Deesoap 

add/Deo Clean A4 

del/Floor Cleaner 101 

chg/Foam Al 

formerly Omega-Foam 
chg/Jel Al 

formerly Omega-Jel 
chg/Kem A2 

formerly Omega-Kern 
chg/Kleens-All Al 

formerly Omega-Kleens-All 
del/Liqua Strypp K7 
chg/Lube H2 

formerly Omega-Lube 
del/Medicol 50 
chg/No-Cal G2 

formerly Omega No-Cal 
del/Omega 383 
del/Omega 888 
del/Omega-All Purpose Liquid 

del/Omex L12 
del/OSA Auto Brite 
del/Rust Away FG 
del/Rust Free 
chg/Spray Al 

formerly Omega-Spray 
del/Spray D 
chg/Sudz II Al 

formerly Omega Sudz II 
chg/Sudz III Al 

formerly Omega Sudz III 
chg/Sudz IV Al 

formerly Omega Sudz IV 
del/Whirl Away 
chg/2000 Al 

formerly Omega 2000 
del/3 132L 
chg/430 Al 

formerly #430 Liquid 

Steam Cleaner 
chg/585 Al 

formerly Omega 585 
chg/590 A4 

formerly Omega 590 
chg/727 A4 

formerly #727 Liquid 

Floor Cleaner 

del/Maintenance Materials Co. 
Malco Products, Inc. 

add/All Purpose Silicone Spray H2 
add/Malco Mai-Suds Al 

add/Malcolm Nicol & Co. Inc. 

Britol7T HI 

chg/Malone Chemical, Inc. 

formerly Malone Chemical Co. 

Malter International Corp. 

chg/Smooth E4 

add/Mamo Paper & Chemical, Inc. 

Bowl Clean C2 

See-Thru CI 

Strip-All CI 

Wash-All CI 

Manco of Charlotte, Inc. 

add/Foam-It A4 

add/Man-Foam A4 

add/M annaya 

Hydro Force Al 

Mantek/ Division of NCH 

add/Recover K2 

del/Manufacturers Supply 

Mar-Chem, Incorporated/ Chemical & 
Supply Company 

add/M arsan Dl 

add/Mar-Tech Co. 

Do-It-All C2 

Knock Out Wasp & Hornet 

Killer F2 

Margie's Pearl Lotnzd Hand 

Dshwshng Cmpd Al 

Mechanic's Buddy H2 

Mt San-Lube HI 

MT Sparkle Glass Cleaner CI 

Penn-Grease H2 

Tuff Scrub E4 

Velvet Touch E4 

Marathon, Inc. 

add/Formula No. LKP G6 

add/Formula No. 116 G6 

add/Formula No. 116-C G6 

add/Formula No. 420-L G7 

add/Formula No. 420-LH G7 

add/Formula No. 420-LMP G7 

add/Formula No. 420-LZ G7 

add/Formula No. 550-P G7 

add/Formula No. 551 G6 

add/Formula No. 553 G6 

add/Formula No. 566-L G6 

add/Formula No. 654 G7 

add/Formula No. 84-A G6 

add/Formula No. 84-AC G6 

add/Formula No. 84-AM G6 

add/Formula No. 84-S G6 

del/Mark-L Corporation 
Marquis Supply Co. Inc. 

add/Deep Cleaning Hand 

Cleaner E4 

add/Maryland Biochemical Co. 

Bi-Chem 510 CI 

Bi-Chem 610 L2 

Maryland Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Marchem D-524 Al 

add/Marchem D-525 Al 

add/Marchem D-526 Ql 

add/Marchem D-527 Al 

add/Marchem L-730 A3 


add/Marchem L-731 A3 

add/Marchem L-733 A4 

add/Marchem L-734 Al 

Masury-Coiumbia Company 

add/Carousel All Purpose 

Cleaner A4 

add/Carousel Degreaser A4 

add/Carousel Disinfectant 

Cleaner A4 

add/Carousel Floor Cleaner A4 

add/Myco Sanitizer 64 D2 

Matt Enterprises 

add/Cooker Cleaner A2 

add/Foamer-C Al 

McLaughlin Gormley King Co. 

add/Synergized Pyrethrin Ind. 
Spray, F-7353 Fl 

Medallion Chemical Corp. 

add/De-Vour 'TD' L2 

Mellocraft Company, The 

add/LPR H2 

add/No. 342 Odor Control CI 

Mercury Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/DDVP-2 F2 

add/Malathion 50 E F2 

add/Malathion 57 E F2 

Merit Supply, Inc. 

add/Acti-Scrub A4 

add/Git Grill Cleaner Al 

add/McGlow Pot And Pan 

Cleaner Al 

add/Meri-Clean 2 Dl 

Metro Products Co. 

add/Metro Steam Cleaner Al 

add/Metro 1151 A3 

add/Metro 1402 A8 

add/Metro 1743 A3 

add/Metro 777 Al 

Metropolitan Refining Co., Inc. 

add/Vaporene 94 G7 

Meyer Supply Co., Inc. 

add/Mark -Off. CI 

Mid American Chemical Corporation 

add/Anti-Bac Hand Cleaner E2 

Mid Con Systems, Inc. 

add/MCS All Purpose Cleaner. A4 

add/MCS 130 Al 

add/MCS 135 Al 

Mid-American Research Chemical 

add/MARC 56 Drain Line 

Maintainer CI 

Mid-Coast Chemical & Janitorial 

del/Brute Degreaser And Wax 

del/Hand Soap Lemon Scented 
del/Power Cleaner All Purpose 


Mid-South Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Safety Solvent Degreaser 
Super K2 

Midland Chemical Corporation 

add/Deluxe Hand Soap El 

add/Hand Soap B.D El 

add/Hand Soap E.D El 

Midland Research Laboratories, Inc. 

chg/Chem-I-Cal G210P G5.G6 

add/Chem-I-Cal 675 G7 

add/Midland PCS 1015 Al 

chg/Midland 202 G5.G6 

chg/Midland 214 G5.G6 

chg/Midland 215 G5.G6 

chg/Midland 216 G5.G6 

chg/Midland 218 G5.G6 

chg/Midland 250 G6 

chg/Midland 258 G5.G6 

add/Midland 407 G6 

add/Midland 497 G7 

add/Midland 655 Dl 

add/Midland 680 G7 

add/Midland 753 G7 

add/PCS 1000 A3 

add/PCS 1002 A3 

add/PCS 6000 G7 

add/Midway Supply Co. 

Dynamic Egg Wash Ql 

Miller-Aldridge Chemicals, Inc. 

add/MAC Degreaser Kl 

add/MAC One Step E2 

Mingo Sales & Service Co. 

add/Product 7-11 Al 

Miranol Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Mirapon FA-OP Al 

Misco International Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Acid Disinfectant Bowl 

Cleaner C2 

add/Bowl 300 Plus C2 

add/Krak Residual Insecticide. ..F2 
add/Liquid Disinfectant 

Concentrate A4.C1 

add/Sani-Hands E2 

add/Sprall A4 

Mission Kleensweep Products, Inc. 

add/Hygienic Hand Soap E2 

Mitco, Incorporated 

add/A-5-9 G6 

add/BSP-2 G6 

add/LB-18 G6 

add/LB-66 G6 

add/MCP G6 

Mobil Oil Corporation 

add/Mobilux EP 111 H2 

Mogul Corporation, The 

add/Mogul CO-985 Gl 

add/Mogul CT-650 G7 

add/Mogul PC1345 G7 

add/Mogul PC1422 G7 

add/Mogul PP 8006C Gl 

add/Mogul PP 8051A Gl 

add/Mogul PP 8100 G6 

add/Mogul PP 8116 G6 

add/Mogul PP 8127 G7 

add/Mogul PP 8130 G6 

add/Mogul PP 8536 G7 

add/Mogul PP 8838 G6 

add/Mogul PP 8860 G7 

add/Mogul 50049 G5 

add/Mogul 50092 G5 

add/Mogul 7206 G6 

add/Mogul 9029 Gl 

add/Mogul 9044A LI 

Mom Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Great CI 

chg/Solv-Safe K2 

add/Triple Threat C2 

chg/X-445 A4.A8 

Momar, Incorporated 

add/A-2429 Liquid Enzymar CI 

add/Aquatrol A-2617 G7 

add/Brite Al 

add/Bug Mugger Fl 

add/Momar A-2831 P.G. 

Coolant PI 

del/Momar Commercial Hygi- 


Monarch Laboratories 

add/Electro-Sol Kl 

add/Lithium Lube H2 

add/Moisture Guard H2 

add/No Seize H2 

Montrose Chemical Specialties Co. 

chg/Monocem 217 A4,A8 

Morco Chemical Company 

add/Hot Rod A8 

add/Super Shine A7 

add/Task Al 

add/Morris Industries, Inc. 

Tuff Stuff E4 

add/Mountain Valley Supply 

Big "G" Al 

Brandex A4 

Citrosene 10 CI 

Hangs In There Bowl & 

Porcelain Cleaner C2 

Li'LBit CI 

Mighty Mike Concentrate Al 

Odo-Rout Concentrate CI 

Mt. Hood Chemical Corporation 

add/Safety Solvent Kl 

add/Soft Touch E4 

add/Wildcat A4.A8 

del/Multi-Chem Industries, Inc. 

Multi-Clean Products Division of H. 
B. Fuller Company 

add/Hi-Cleaner A4 

add/Multi-Mist Div. of NCH 


add/Multitherm Corporation 

Multitherm PG-1 PI 

Murphy-Phoenix Company, The 

del/#600 Liquid Synthetic 

add/#67-582 Detergent 

Degreaser A4.A8 

add/#826 Heavy Duty 

Detergent Degreaser A4.A8 



add/N C C International, Ltd. 

Germicidal Cleaner Dl 

Hand Cleaner & Conditioner Al 

Marine & Industrial Solvent A4.A8 

add/N C D Inc. 

On-Premise Laundry Chlorine 
Bleach Bl 

On-Premise Laundry Detergent. Bl 

On-Premise Laundry Ex. Strnth 
Chlr. Blch Bl 

On-Premise Laundry Heavy- 
Duty Detergent Bl 

On-Premise Laundry Liquid 

Break Bl 

On-Premise Laundry Liquid 

Detergent Bl 

On-Premise Laundry Softener/ 
Bnghtener B2 

On-Premise Liquid Softener B2 

N C H Corporation 

add/Spec-Lube HI 

add/N. K. Specialty 

Return G7 

Nadco, Inc. 

add/Glass Cleaner CI 

Nalco Chemical Company 

chg/Nalclean 66 Scale 

Remover A3.G7 

chg/Nalclean 68 Scale 

Remover A3.G7 

add/Nalco Transport-Plus 2786 

BoilFdWtrTreat G6 

chg/Nalco 2556 Corrosion 

Inhibitor G6 

formerly Nalco 2556 
add/Nalco 2598 Corrosion 

Inhibitor G2.G5 

chg/Nalco 356 Corrosion 

Inhibitor G6 

formerly 356 Liquid 
add/Nalco 7302 Cooling Water 

Dispersant G7 

National Chemical Division/ National 
Service Industries, Inc. 

add/T.P.T. (Tri-Pro-Tec) G7 

add/Zeolite Premium Boiler 
Treatment G7 

National Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Inject Heavy Duty Liquid 
Detergent Al 

National Chemsearch/ Division of 
NCH Corporation 


add/ABF-100 G7 


add/Grenadier A4 


add/Maxi-Lube H2 

add/Shiney-Side Al 


add/Spec-Lube HI 


National Industrial Supply Co. 

add/All Bnte A3 

add/Boiler Treat 100 G6 

add/Boiler Treat 100-1 G6 

add/Hot Stuff Liquid A2 

add/Super A Al 

add/Tower Treat 100 G7 

National Laboratories 

add/Titan Plus Space and 
Contact Spray Fl 

National Sanitary Supply Co. 

add/One-Shot Drain Opener 

With Odor Blanket LI 

Nationwide Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Dirt, Lime, Metallic Salt 
Remover A3 

Nationwide Chemical Corp. 

add/Extra High Cleaning 

Concentrate Al 

add/Special Food Plant Cleaner A3 
add/Super Cleaner Al 

Nationwide Chemical Products, Inc. 

add/Pro Kill Industrial Spray 

E.C Fl 

add/Pro Kill Multipurpose 

Insecticide Cone Fl 

add/Pro Kill Roach & Ant 

Dust F2 

Nationwide Research Inc. 

add/NR-350 Al 

add/NR-625CX Al 

Navy Brand Manufacturing Company 

add/Navy Solv-77 Kl 

add/Oven Jel A8 

add/SA-44 Kl 

Neponset Chemical & Engineering, 

add/CCT 80 G7 

Network Services Company 

add/Lemony-Lime Disinfectant. A4.C1 

Neutron Industries, Inc. 

add/Formula NI-710 Al 

chg/Formula 700 Super Base 

Concentrate A4 

formerly Formula NI-700 
Safety Cleaner Degreaser 
add/Neutron's Baby Powder 
Scented NI-835 CI 

New England Specialty Company 

chg/Nesco Cleaner Degreaser 

10 A4.A8 

Niagara National Corporation 

add/AL-850 Compound Al 

add/DCX-500 Compound A2 

add/Niagara 5959 Klex Comp'd A2 
add/Niagara 62 1 1 Spin-Kleen .... Al 
add/TA-5050 Concentrate A4 

add/Nivlac Soap and Wax Company 

Formula No. 25 Al 

Nonfluid Oil Corporation 

add/Synshield 360 H2 

North Coast Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Isopropyl Alcohol CI 

add/North Country Chemicals, Inc. 

Code G D2 

Plus 128 Dl 

Plus 64 CI 

Power Plus Al 

add/Northern Chemicals, Inc. 

Nature's Way L2 

Nova Products, Incorporated 

add/Nova 50 Fl 

Now Chemical Corporation 

add/Now Concentrate A4 

add/Now D-Ox A3 

add/Now Solvent A4.A8 

add/Now Solvent Al 

Nu-Life Laboratories 

add/Grime-Away E4 

add/Smooth-Away Hand 

Cleaner E4 

Nugget Distributors, Inc. 

add/Beverage Glass Cleaner Al 

add/Blu Dis E2 

add/Depth Charge 

Concentrated Drain Opener ...LI 
add/Low Suds Laundry 

Detergent Bl 

add/N- 100 Cleaner CI 

add/Nu-Pine All Purpose 

Cleaner-Deodorant CI 

add/Safe-Chlor Bl 

Nutmeg Chemical Company 

chg/NB-21 A2.G6 

Nyco Products Company 

add/Lotionized Dish Wash Al 

add/N-601 Disinfectant- 

Sanitizer D2 

add/N-610 Disinfectant Dl 

add/Wintergreen Disinfectant & 

Deodorant CI 

O B C O Chemical Corp. 

add/GFC C2 

Oakite Products, Incorporated 

chg/Oakite CFC Al 

formerly Oakite Foam- 


add/Oakite Defoamant G7 

add/Oakite Enprox Disperse G7 

add/Oakite Enprox NA G6 

add/Oakite Enprox OSD G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1111 G2,G5,G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1112 G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1113 G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1114 G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1115 G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1201 G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1202 G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1311 G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 1321 G6 

add/Oakite Enprox 2121 G7 

add/Oakite Enprox 2122 G7 

add/Oakite Enprox 2123 G7 

add/Oakite Enprox 2124 G7 

add/Oakite Enprox 2211 G7 

add/Oakite Fisan Enzodet Al 

add/Oakite Fisan-GFP A2 

add/Oakite HD Hand Soap El 


chg/Oakite RB B1.G5 

add/Odorz-Out Biochemical Company 

Alive Bacteria/Enzymes LS- 

1471 L2 

Bacterial Enzyme Waste 

Disposer L2 

Odorz-Out CI 

Olin Corporation 

add/Olin Dry Chlrng Cmpd 

OCI-90-I Granular D2,G7,Q1,Q2.Q4 

add/Olin Dry Chlrng Cmpd 

OCI-90-I Sticks D2,G7,Q1,Q2,Q4 

add/Olin Dry Chlrng Cmpd 

OCI-90-I 1" Tablets D2,G7,Q1,Q2,Q4 

add/Olin Dry Chlrng Cmpd 

OCI-90-I 3" Tablets D2,G7,Q1,Q2,Q4 

add/Poly-Chill Fluid PI 

add/Poly-Tergent P-17A 

(Surfactant) Ql 

add/Propylene Glycol USP PI 

chg/Trisodium Phosphate 

Chlorinated D1.Q1.Q2.Q4 

Olympic Manufacturing Co. 

add/Boil-Out CI 

add/Coil Cleaner A3 

add/Olympi-Steam Al 

add/Olympic Aquasolv Al 

add/Olympic BA-200 Al 

add/Olympic DSR-9 Al 

add/Olympic DSR-9 HW-3 Al 

add/Olympic Formula 44 

Concentrate Al 

add/Olympic Formula 44 P83D Al 
add/Olympic Liquid Booster 

W-300 Al 

add/Olympic Olex PPC Al 

add/Olympic PC-1 Al 

add/Olympic Rust Remover A3 

add/Olympic Step One Rust 

Remover A3 

add/Olympic SR-2 Al 

add/Olympic Trailer Cleaner 

No. 5 Al 

add/Olympic WJ-25 HW-3 Al 

add/OSC Cleaner Al 

add/Renovator Al 

add/Soft-Aid Concentrate Al 

add/Soya Solve Al 

add/21C Stainless Steel Cleaner A2 

Omni-Chem Company, Incorporated 

add/O-C F-106 Al 

add/O-C F-114 Al 

add/O-C F-276 Al 

add/O-C WC-20A A5 

add/One Way Products 

Smokehouse Cleaner Al 

One-Up Products Co., The 

add/l-Up Bathroom Cleaner C2 

add/Orenco International 

Foam Add V Al 

Orenco Anti Foam V Al 

Orenco Anti Foam 1 Al 

Orenco Caustic Additive E.Z. 

Blend Al 

Orenco Caustic N.P A2 

Orenco Chloro Boost Al 

Orenco Complete Clean III A2 

Orenco Deep Clean Al 

Orenco Multi Acid A3 

Orenco Power A4 

Orenco 5900 A4 

Water Treatment Cooker 

Cooler Compound G6 

Osborn Manufacturing Corp., The 

add/Cutting Oil No. 76203 H2 

add/Dry Lubricant Teflon No. 

76215 H2 

add/Glass Cleaner No. 76289 CI 

add/Open Gear & Wire Rope 

Lubrcnt. No. 76200 H2 

Osceola Chemical & Supply Company 

add/Cum-Luse H2 

add/Osmonics, Inc. 

Ultrazyme 73 Al 

Ultrazyme 85 Al 

Ossian Chemical, Inc. 

add/Liquid De-icer CI, PI 

Overall Supply, Inc. 

add/Nature's Way Bacterial 
Digestant CI 

Oxford Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Oxford Aqua-Mint A4 

add/Oxford Blitz II Bl 

add/Oxford Brisk CI 

add/Oxford Champ Al 

add/Oxford Dynamik Bl 

chg/Oxford Egzalt A1.Q1 

add/Oxford Mity-Clean Al 

add/Oxford Smooth-Lube HI 

chg/Oxford SHS-900 D2.G4.Q4 

add/Oxford 1000 G2 

chg/Oxford 2010 G2.G5.G6 

add/Oxford 2020 G2 

add/Oxford 2030 G2 

chg/Oxford 2035 G2,G5,G6 

add/Oxford 4005 G6 

add/Oxford 5001 Al 

add/Oxford 5002 A3 

add/Oxford 5003 Al 

add/Oxford 5004 Al 

add/Oxford 5005 Al 

add/Oxford 5006 Al 

add/Oxford 5007 Al 

add/Oxford 5008 Al 

add/Oxford 5010 Al 

add/Oxford 5011 ." Al 

add/Oxford 5012 Al 

add/Oxford 5013 Al 

add/Oxford 5014 Al 

add/Oxford 5015 Al 

add/Oxford 5017 Al 

add/Oxford 9015 Bl 

Oz-Ite Chemical 

add/DD 205 A4,A8 

add/DD 230 Al 

add/DD200 Al 

add/FC 30 A5 

add/FM 250 Heavy Duty 

Ammoniated Wax Strpr A4 

add/ 14 10 Odor Control 

Concentrate CI 

Pacer Lubricants, Inc. 

add/Synfilm LCX H2 

Pacific Chemical 

add/Chainlube H2 

chg/Control M-61 G6 

add/Scalex LPP-63 G7 


add/Action No. 1 Kl 

Packer-Scott Company 

add/Pascot High Pressure WashA4 

Palmer Company, Incorporated 

add/Bug Out F2 

add/Medi-Spray C2 

add/Mint Medi-Spray CI 

add/Palmer Cleanser C2 

add/Palmer Hand Cleaner E4 

add/Pink Porcelain Cleaner C2 

add/Super Soap El 

add/True Grit E4 

Palmetto Chemical & Supply Co., Inc. 

add/Act 95 G7 

add/Algaway G7 

add/Clean Treat 300 L G7 

add/Enz-O-Matic L2 

add/Hygro PI 

add/One Shot G6 

Paper Chemical Supply Company 

add/Strong Arm A4.A8 

Parker Engineering & Chemicals, Inc. 

add/G-2020 Deposition Control G6 

Pase Corporation 

add/A.T.W A3 

add/Force 22D A4 

Paul Koss Supply Company 

add/Engine Degreaser Kl 

add/Saf-Solv Kl 

Peerless Products Company 

add/Boss A4 

Penetone Corporation 

add/Additive 807 Al 

add/Kleenite Al 

add/Kleenite Al 

add/Penetone 166 Al 

add/Rapidyne D2 

add/Residol-Plus F2 

add/Sanikleen Dl 

add/Super-Cidol F2 

add/Teramine NR D2 

add/Vaposector Fl 

add/Weladyne D2 

add/West D-Trans II Fl 

add/West Fog Fl 

add/West Scrub E2 

add/West-Chlor Dl 

add/Westamine X Dl 

add/Westosan Dl 

Penick Corporation 

add/Pyrethrins/PBO Trans. 

Emul.Spray 1%+1.0% Fl 


Emul.Spray.15% + 1.5% Fl 

add/SBP-1382 Inset. APS 

0.25% For House&Grdn Fl 



FormI Fl 

add/SBP-1382/Chlrp In Trnsp 

Emuls Spy .l + .5% F2 


TrnEmDlCn2.25 + 22.5% Fl 

Pennwalt Corporation 

add/BK 411 A2 


add/Pest Management Products, Inc. 

PM Residual Spray F2 

PM 7 Industrial Aerosol 

Insecticide Fl 

PM 7 Total Release Clean-Out 

Fogger Fl 

Peterson/Puritan, Inc. 

add/P/P Insecticide No. 32 F2 

Petro-Hydro Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Boiler Antifoam pH 1510....G6 


add/Aquafax SA-500B G7 

add/Aquafax SA-600 G7 

add/Lectron-X K2 

add/PLC-300 K2 

add/Spot Out Formula 2 K2 

Philkem Products 

add/Alkyl A4.A8 

add/All Purpose Heavy Duty 

Liquid Steam Clnr A2 

add/Chlorinated Egg Cleaner.... Ql 
add/Coconut Oil Liquid Hand 

Soap El 

add/Contact A2 

add/Dynamo Detergent Al 

add/Extra Heavy Duty 

Concrete Cleaner A4 

add/Grime Scat Al 

add/Insecticide No. Ill Fl 

add/Iodo-175 Concentrated 

Iodine D2,E3 

add/Laundry Detergent Bl 

add/Lemon Disinfectant No. 6. .CI 

add/Milkstone Remover A3 

add/No. 90 Space Spray F2 

add/Pink Satin Lotionized 

Hand Soap El 

add/Pyrethroid Fly & Roach 

Spray Fl 

add/Residual Roach Spray F2 

add/Santi-Wash E2 

add/Smoke House Cleaner No. 

200 Al 

add/Space Spray No. 3 Fl 

add/Phoenix Chemicals 

Acid No. 1 A3 

Acid No. 2 A3 

Acid No. 3 A3 

Chlor Clean A2 

Chlorinated Heavy Duty A2 

Cir Clean A2 

Conveyor Lube No. 1 H2 

Desmoke A8 

Excell Al 

Excell Plus Al 

Foam Cleaner No. 1 Al 

Foam Cleaner No. 4 Al 

Foamacid A3 

Fry Clean A2 

General Cleaner No. 1 Al 

Laundry Detergent Bl 

Luma Clean Al 

Luma Clean Plus A1,B1 

Neutraclean Al 

Smokehouse Cleaner A2 

Supress Al 

Phoenix Research Industries, Inc. 

add/Red-Line Acid Drain 
Opener LI 

Phostoxin Sales, Incorporated 

add/Epibloc Rodenticide F3 

Pickett Enterprises, Inc. 

add/Waterless Hand Cleaner E4 

Pioneer Manufacturing Company 

chg/Germotox A4,C1 

Plex Chemical Corporation 

add/Mint Bowl Cleaner C2 

Portage Broom & Brush 

add/Purinol CI 

add/Solid Bowl Mirex C2 

add/Solid Mirex C2 

Powell Company, Inc., The 

add/TC 450 Lo-Suds 

Concentrate Al 


Power Engineering Company 


Power-Chem Manufacturing Co. 

add/No Foam Machine 

Dishwash S-104 Al 

add/Paint Remover P-539 C3 

add/S & S Heavy Duty 

Cleaner-Degreaser P-563 A4 

add/Powertron International Corp. 

Lano Creme E4 

Precision Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Ramrod LI 

Prentiss Drug & Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Prentox Allethrin Oil 

Concentrate #525 Fl 

chg/Prentox Residual Spray c/ 

Propoxur F2 

formerly Prentox Residual 
Spray Contains Baygon 

Prestige Labs., Inc. 

add/NBC Industrial Degreaser 

Cleaner Al 

add/Tamarac Pot & Pan 

Cleaner Al 

Pro Chem, Inc. 

add/Medi-Clean C2 

add/Pro Solutions Company/ A. Div. 
of Long Chemical, Inc. 

Resolve CI 

Pro-Tex-All Co., Inc. 

add/Bole-Glo C2 

add/Professional Building Supply Co., 

Stainless Steel Cleaner A7 

add/Professional Veterinary 

Biodyne Hand Soap E2 

Progressive Products 

del/Boiler Power Liquid 
add/Boiler Power 505 G6 

add/Prosco, Incorporated 

Cleaner No. 661-L Al 

401-L Cleaner Al 

Pure Corporation 

add/"Manufacturers" Battery 

Clnr. & Protctr PI 

add/"Manufacturers" Belt 

Dressing PI 

add/" Manufacturers" Contact 

Cleaner K2 

add/"Manufacturers" Four 

Way Spray H2 

add/"Manufacturers" Glass 

Cleaner & Polish CI 

add/" Manufacturers" 

Hand&Body Barrier Cream... E4 
add/"Manufacturers" Plexiglass 

Cleaner CI 

add/"Manufacturers" Safety- 
Solvent Kl 

add/" Manufacturers" Stainless 

Steel Cleaner A4 

add/"Manufacturers" Waterless 

Hand Cleaner E4 

add/ " Manufacturers " TEF 

Fluorotelomer Dry Lub PI 

Purex Corporation 

add/General Q+ D2 

chg/Purex Bleach Bl 

add/Purex Industrial 

Blue Sky Glass Cleaner CI 

Puritan/Churchill Chemical Company 

chg/Quatramine-A D2,E2 

add/Re-Zid Plus F2 

chg/Renown E4 

Puro Chemical Company 

add/Bole Honey C2 

add/Miracle Floor Detergent ...A4 
add/Miracle Thick Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner C2 

add/Puro C2 

add/Sana-Bole C2 

add/Whipped Clean Creme 

Cleanser A6 

del/Puromation Industries, Inc. 

add/Q.C. Chemicals 

QC-50 A4 

add/Quality Chemical Supply 

Revelation-50-10 Al 

add/Quality Stores, Inc. 

Bowl And Porcelain Cleaner C2 

Glass And Window Cleaner CI 

Laundry Detergent Bl 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner A4 

Quip, Incorporated 

add/Acid 50-W A3 

add/ Acid 75-W A3 

add/Foam Kwik Al 

add/Formula 6212 X Al 

add/Formula 6455 A2 

add/Novadex D2 

add/Power-Wash Al 

add/Power-Wash D Al 

add/Quip-Glide H2 

add/Transport A4 


R Value, Inc. 

add/Borid F2 

add/R Value's Roach Kil F2 

add/Roach Kil Commercial F2 

R. & D. Enterprises 

add/F-160 Dock Cleaner A4 

add/F-162 Smokehouse Cleaner A2 

R.C. Research & Development Corp. 

add/"Plastic Proof" K2 

R-Square Chemical & Coating, Inc. 

add/AIklor Al 

add/Neutra-1247 CI 

add/Neutra-1309 CI 

add/Neutra-1667 CI 

add/Rave-Extra Al 

add/Rave-Power Plus Al 

Ralston Purina Company 

add/Purina Brand Liquid 

Automatic Pan Clnr Al 

add/Purina Roach-A-Rest F2 

Ram Enterprise, Inc. 

add/Knock Out L2 

Ramco Oil & Chemical Products 

add/Anti-Seize 2400 H2 

add/SW-44 K2 

add/Un No. 2 Kl 

Ravan Products, Incorporated 

add/AIklor Al 

add/Neutra-1247 CI 

add/Neutra-1309 CI 

add/Neutra-1667 CI 

add/Rave-Extra Al 

add/Rave-I-Cide Hand Soap E2 

add/Rave-Power Plus Al 

Re-Nu Chem Co. 

add/Re-Nu Floor Kleen A4 

add/Re-Nu Grill Kleen 

Degreaser A8 

add/Re-Nu Metal Kleen A7.A8 

add/Re-Nu Oven Kleen A8 

add/Real Kleen Chemical & 
Equipment Co. 

Heavy-Duty Detergent 810 Al 

410 Concrete & Tile Floor 

Cleaner Al 

910 Liquid Degreaser A8 

Refil Chemicals, Inc. 

add/All-Right Al 

add/Sparkle Al 

Regal Supply & Chemical 

del/Green Suds 

add/Pink Suds Al 

add/Rek-Chem Manufacturing Corp. 

Silicone Spray HI 

Reliance Brooks, Inc. 

chg/KRK A5 

Reliance Chemical Company, The 

add/R-470 CI 

add/Super Solv-O-Mist A4.A8 

add/Rem/Pro A Div. of Long 
Chemical, Inc. 

Defeat CI 

Research Labs Inc. 

add/Cleanse-It El 

del/Research Products Company 
Revere Products Corporation 

add/Drain Pipe Opener Al 

add/Toilet Bowl Cleaner C2 

Rex Chemical Corporation 

add/Pots 'N Pans Al 

Rigsbee Supply Company, Inc. 

add/Concentrated Bowl 

Cleaner C2 

add/Safe-T-Kleen C2 

add/River City Enterprises 

Lemon Fresh A4 

Plum Crazy A4 

add/Riz-Man Chemical 

Formula 440 A4 

Rochester Germicide Company 

del/Sanor Chem M 

Rochester Midland 

add/BFW-4G G6 

add/BSC-20G G6 

add/CCI-lG G6 

add/EQC-lG A3 

add/EQC-2G Al 

chg/F-182 A4.A8 

add/F-182A Al 

add/HCP-650 Plus A8 

add/PA HD240 A2 

add/PW-lG G2 

add/PW-2G G3 

add/Sanor Chem Line M C2 

add/SS 480 K2 

Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Co. 

add/Cavalier 100 H2 

add/Cavalier 200 H2 

add/Cavalier 300 H2 

add/Cavalier 500 H2 

add/Compressor Oil 300 H2 

add/Cylinder Oil 320 H2 

add/Cylinder Oil 460 H2 

add/Cylinder Oil 680 H2 

add/Dexron II ATF H2 

add/E P Gear Lubricant S-1000H2 
add/E P Gear Lubricant S-1600 H2 
add/E P Gear Lubricant S-2300 H2 
add/E P Gear Lubricant S-300..H2 
add/E P Gear Lubricant S-500..H2 
add/E P Gear Lubricant S-700.. H2 

add/Huskie HD 10w30 H2 

add/Huskie HD 10w40 H2 

add/Huskie HD 20w20 H2 

add/Huskie HD 30 H2 

add/Huskie HD 40 H2 

add/Huskie MPGL 140 H2 

add/Huskie MPGL 80w90 H2 

add/Huskie MPGL 85wl40 H2 

add/Huskie MPGL 90 H2 

add/Huskie Super Fleet 15w40..H2 

add/Huskie Super Fleet 30 H2 

add/Huskie Super Fleet 40 H2 

add/Spartan 32-AW H2 

add/Spartan 46-AW H2 

add/Spartan 68-AW H2 

add/Stoddard Solvent K1.K2 

add/Trojan 1000 H2 

add/Trojan 150 H2 

add/Trojan 160-AW H2 

add/Trojan 200 H2 

add/Trojan 210-AW H2 

add/Trojan 300 H2 

add/Trojan 310-AW H2 

add/Trojan 500 H2 

add/Trojan 750 H2 

del/Rockford Chemical Company Inc. 

Rockfort Industries/ Division of NCH 

add/AEC-20 K2 

Roxxon Company, The 

add/Acid-X A3 

add/AS-10 Dl 

add/Bite A2 

add/Cackle Al 

add/Chloro-Tron Al 

add/Clean Plus A4 

add/Clean-Brite Al 

add/Eze-Foam A2 

add/Foamz-Away A4 

add/Formula 99 A4.A8 

add/GC-108 Al 

add/GC-193 Al 

add/Liquid Cackle Ql 

add/Liquid 103 Al 

add/LD 722 Bl 

add/Medex El 

add/MC-112 Al 

add/OCC 3 A4 

add/Piggie A2 

add/Prospect A4 

add/Pyrecide Fl 

add/PRS-40 A2 

add/Re-Nu A2 

add/Roxosol Dl 

add/Roxxon Genralite Al 

add/Roxxon Gentle Beads Al 

add/Roxxon LYFAS H2 

add/Scale-Go A3 

add/Super Lufas H2 

add/T-900 Al 

add/TRC Food-Lube Food 

Grade Lubricant HI 

Royal Chemical Co. 

add/0-260- 105- A Al 

add/0-260-107-A A3 

add/0-260-114 Al 

add/0-260-115 Al 

add/0-260- 150- A Al 

add/0-260- 153-A A4 

add/0-260-154 A2 

add/0-260-156 A2 

add/Royal Industrial Supply Co., Inc. 

Amber Liquid Hand Soap El 

Bacti-Lotion Hand Cleaner 
Lotion El 

Royal Oil Company 

add/Royal High Heat Grease .... H2 

add/Royal Soap & Chemical Co., Inc. 

Loyal Coconut Oil Liquid 

Hand Soap ■■ E4 

Loyal M A 48 Concrete 

Cleaner A4 

Russall Products Co., Inc. 

add/Meat Room And Smoke 
House Cleaner Al 


Russell Technology Inc. 

add/BWT 5206 G6 

add/BWT5715 G6 

add/BWT 5763 G6 

add/BWT-4206 G6 

add/BWT-4219 G6 

add/BWT-4566 G6 

add/BWT-4567 G6 

add/BWT-4568 G6 

add/BWT-4714 G6 

add/BWT-4715 G6 

add/BWT-4761 G6 

add/BWT-4763 G6 

add/BWT-4800 G6 

add/BWT-4961 G6 

add/BWT-4963 G6 

add/BWT-5219 G6 

add/BWT-5568 G6 

add/BWT-5800 G6 

add/BWT-5963 G6 

add/BWT-6206 G6 

add/BWT-6219 G6 

add/BWT-6566 G6 

add/BWT-6567 G6 

add/BWT-6714 G6 

add/BWT-6715 G6 

add/BWT-6761 G6 

add/BWT-6763 G6 

add/BWT-6800 G6 

add/BWT-6961 G6 

add/BWT-6963 G6 

add/CWT5554 G7 

add/CWT 5802 G6 

add/CWT-4575 G7 

add/CWT-4576 G7 

add/CWT-4577 G6 

add/CWT-4802 G6 

add/CWT-5575 G7 

add/CWT-5576 G7 

add/CWT-5577 G6 

add/CWT-6575 G7 

add/CWT-6576 G7 

add/CWT-6577 G6 

add/CWT-6802 G6 

add/RLT-4703 G6 

add/RLT-4704 G6 

add/RLT-6703 G6 

add/RLT-6704 G6 

Ruth Industries, Incorporated 

add/Block Buster LI 

add/Block-Out CI 

add/Dyna-Sol Kl 

add/DML H2 

add/Good Riddance Either/Or . F2 

add/GFC A4 

add/Larvaekill Mosquito 

Larvaecide CI 

add/Lubrasil-F HI 

add/Oggle H2 

add/Old Smoothie E4 

add/Pipe-Dry PI 

add/Pride Bl 

add/Spray-Grease H2 

add/Super- Foam CI 

add/Uni-Bowl C2 

add/Unitab C2 

add/711 H2 

S & P Company 

add/Mighty Max 40% 

Concentrate Hand Soap El 

S & S Company of Georgia, Inc. 

add/HD-20 A4 

add/Plus B2 

add/Soft & Sour B2 

add/Sour One Bl 

add/Whitener Bl 

add/Safeway Chemical Co. 

Pipeline and Bulk Tank 

Cleaner/Liquid Al 

Pipeline and Bulk Tank 

Cleaner/Powdered A2 

add/Sage Systems, Inc. 

"P.D.Q " Heavy Duty Cleaner 
& Degreaser Al 

add/Sales Unlimited, Inc. 

Formula 81 A4 

Kleen-Power A4 

Liquid Hand Soap El 

Mainkleen A4 

Power Plus E4 

Surkleen A4 

Typhoon A4 

7-11 Industrial A4.C1 

San Dee Chemical Products, Inc. 

add/Q-64-N-II D2 

del/S & D All Purpose Cleaner 
add/Sandize D2 

San Joaquin Supply Company 

add/Steri-Kleen Disinfectant A4.C1 

San-Mar Laboratories 

add/Control 1 G7 

add/P.E.T. Track & Conveyor 
Lubricant H2 

Sanaco Chemical Manufacturers, Inc. 

add/Sanaco-30 A2 

Sanford Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Loft Bl 

add/Loft Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner CI 


add/Hexi-San Degermer El 

add/Iodo-San Degermer El 

add/Sani-Tuff "E-2" 

AntsptcClnsr Iodine Form El 

add/Sani-Tuff Supr Strnth 

Wtrls Clnsr w/Grit E4 

Sanitary Products Corp. 

add/Handi Clean E4 

Sanitary Supply Co. 

add/Sanitary Hi-Foam Meat 

Room Cleaner Al 

Saratoga Specialties/ Chemical 

add/Chain Lub #8 H2 

add/Circulation Cleaner and 

Rust Remover A2 

add/Reprofoam Al 

add/SCFII Al 

Schaefer Chemical Products Co. 

add/Boiler-Aid MP-250 G6 

add/CWC Liquid G2 

add/Tower Treat B G7 

add/Tower Treat M G7 

Schloff Chemical And Supply Co. 

add/Ace Industrial Petro Break. Bl 

Schneid, I., Incorporated 

add/Control 1 G7 

add/P.E.T. Track & Conveyor 
Lubricant H2 

add/Sea Chem Co. 

Aluminum Safe Steam Cleaner .. A4 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Al 

Sani Sea Dl 

Special Cleaner Degreaser A4.A8 

1st Mate Dl 

Seatex Corporation 

add/Slipcin A1.H2 

Security 4 Chemical Company 

chg/Big Shot CI 

add/Do-It-All C2 

add/Formula 59 HI 

add/GG H2 

add/Oven Cleaner A8 

add/Problem Solver CI 

Selig Chemical Industries 

add/Roach And Ant Surface 

Spray F2 

add/Selig's Freezer Cleaner A5 

add/Selig's 101 Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner-Dgrsr A4 

add/Veri-Kleen Al 

add/48-SX-80 Fl 

add/50-SX-80 Fl 

add/55-SX-82 H2 

add/71-SX-80 A5 

add/92-SX-80 Fl 

Sentinel Chemical 

del/LB 151-C 
del/LB 206 
del/LB- 150 
del/152 C 

Sentry Chemical Company 

chg/Super 2000 A4 

formerly Super 76 

Service Chemical Corporation 

add/Cuddy Hatchery Detergent A4.C1 
add/Cuddy Hatchery 

Washdown A4.C1 

add/Cuddy Quat A4.C1 

add/Formula 1002 A4.C1 

add/Formula 1006 A4.C1 

add/Formula 1007 A4.C1 

ServiceMaster Industries Inc. 

add/GhdeRinse III D2 

Share Corporation 

add/CL-400 G7 

add/CL-405 G7 

add/SR-700 G6 

add/SR-705 G6 

add/SR-710 G6 

add/SR-715 G6 

chg/Shawnmark Industries, Inc. 

formerly Shawnmark Industries 

add/M-104 A5 

Shield-Brite Corporation 

add/Foam-Cide Al 


Shipp Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Crest Concentrated All 

Purpose Cleaner A4 

add/Shore Chemical Co. 

Shore Butyl Cleaner A4 

Shore Liquid Steam Jenny 

Compound Al 

Shore Neutral Cleaner Al 

Shore Safety Solvent Degreaser K2 
Shore Scum & Lime Remover... A3 

Shrader Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Bottle Wash Caustic 

Liquid A2 

add/Bottle Wash Caustic 

Powder A2 

add/HT-5-XX A2 

add/Strat-O-Lube F H2 

add/Strat-O-Lube TMV H2 

add/Strat-O-Lube 82 H2 

add/SC-248-C A4 

add/SC-43-Special A2 

add/SC-43-X A2 

add/SC-47-XXX A2 

add/SC-780-D A4 

add/SC-780-G A4 

add/Siegel Oil Company 

Titan White Oil 75-T HI 

Simplex Products 

add/Sani-Wipe A4 

Skasol, Incorporated 

add/Skasol 359S G6 

add/Smile Supply, Inc. 

Pan Handle A2 

Safe Al 

add/Sol Chemical & Equipment 

Artie Clean Freezer & Cold 

Room Cleaner A5 

Solventol Chemical Products, Inc 

add/Solventol Sanitizing Hand 
Cleaner E2 

South Bend Chemical Co. 

add/Bio-Chem A4 

add/Micro Germ CI 

add/Notice C2 

add/Pink Lady Al 

add/Sun Glass Cleaner CI 

add/South Nassau Chemical Inc. 

Grease-Away A8 

Heavy Duty Pan Plus Al 

Heavy Duty Pot And Pan 

Cleaner Al 

Liquid Action A2 

Scale-Away A3 

South Shore Chemical Inc. 

add/Spectrum Machine 

Dishwashing Compound A2 

add/Spectrum 141 

Superconcentrate A 1 

Southeastern Laboratories, Inc 

del/B-ll Boiler Feed water 

add/B-11 Boiler Water 

Treatment G7 

add/B- 1100 Boiler Water 

Treatment G6 

add/B-1101 Boiler Water 

Treatment G6 

add/D-12 Steamline Treatment.. G6 
add/D-22 Steamline Treatment.. G6 
add/D-52 Steamline Treatment.. G6 

Southern Chemical Products Co. 

add/Dirt Away Hand Soap E4 

add/Lotion Hand Soap E4 

add/Mechanics Hand Soap E4 

add/Opal Shower Soap E4 

add/Sanitary Hand Cleaner El 

add/Tower Protect-All WR G7 

Southern Specialties, Inc. 

add/Terminate Brand Residual 
Insecticide F2 

add/Southern Water Services, Inc. 

Alki Treat-L G6 

Antifoam LC G6 

Com Treat-L G6 

Coolite 122 G7 

Coolsperse G6 

D-Sperse L G6 

Posi Phos-L G6 

Posi Phos-S G6 

Reox-S G6 

Southland Corporation, The 

add/Chain Lube 3020 H2 

add/Security Al 

add/Southland Maintenance 

Skoot Kl 

del/Southland Paper & Supply 

Southland Supply Co., Inc. 

add/Acid Cleaner A3 

add/Liquid Chlorinated 

Detergent Al 

add/Powdered Hand Cleaner .... E4 

Southwest Petro-Chem. Inc./ A 
Division of Witco 

add/SA 8217142 H2 

add/SA 8219075 HI 

add/SA 8219076 HI 

add/SA 8219350 HI 

add/SA 8219352 HI 

add/SA 827 9042 H2 

add/SA 8273012 H2 

add/SA8273235 H2 

add/SE 8612832 HI 

add/SE8612891 HI 

add/Spain Incorporated 

Oven Cleaner A8 

Spain-Zyme L2 

Vandal Mark Remover CI 

Spartan Chemical Co., Inc. 

del/All Purpose Cleaner 

add/ All Purpose Cleaner A4 

chg/Liquid Hand Cleaner El 

formerly Lotionized Liquid 

Hand Cleaner 

Spec-Chem Inc. 

add/Grill-O-Kleen Fryer & 

Grill Cleaner A8 

add/Special Formula #80-130 

Blitz Al 

add/Special Formula #80-131 

Gell-Off A8 

add/Special Formula #80-174 

Volcanic A2 

Specialty Research Labs 

add/Pinklor Dl 

Spectrowax Corporation 

add/MR-APC Al 

Sprayon Products/ Div. of The 
Sherwin-Williams Co. 

chg/00615 Hvy Dty 

Paint&Gasket Cement Rmvr. .C3 
formerly 00611 Heavy 
Duty Spray Strip Paint 
add/00875 House & Garden 

Spray Fl 

add/00876 Professional 

Strength Insecticide Fl 

add/Springfield Chemical Company 

BWT 200 G6 

BWT 272 G6 

CWT 101 G7 

CWT 102 G7 

Microbiocide 10 G7 

Microbiocide 30 G7 

SLT 340 G6 

Spruce Industries, Inc. 

add/Spruce-Up Creme Cleanser A6 

St. Clair Custodial Supply Co. 

del/S. C. All Purpose Cleaner 

add/Standard American Supply 

Penetrating Oil H2 

Standard Laboratories 

add/Executive CI 

add/Fiesta Concentrated 

General Purpose Clnr A4 

Standardized Sanitation Systems, Inc. 

add/SSS Brake & Parts Cleaner Kl 
add/SSS Contact and Circuit 

Board Cleaner K2 

add/SSS Dry Moly Lubricant ...H2 
add/SSS Electronic Circuit 

Board Cooler PI 

add/SSS Foamy Lube HI 

add/SSS Gear Lubricant H2 

add/SSS Penetrant Lubricant ....H2 

add/SSS Safety Solvent K2 

add/SSS Silicone Mold Release. H2 
add/SSS Slip-Shot H2 

Stanley Home Products, Inc./ 
Industrial Division 

add/Detergent Sanitizer 

Formula 119 Dl 


Formula 114 D2 

add/Floor/Wall and Grout 

Cleaner Formula 226 A4 

add/Floor/Wall Cleaner 

Formula 162 Al 

add/Pot and Pan Dishwash 

Formula 502 Al 

add/Samtizer Concentrate 

Formula 113 D2 

add Stanz Industrial 

No. 1 Power Strip CI 

No. 100 All Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrate Al 

No. 20 Coco Hand Soap El 

No. 99 Cleaner Degreaser A4 


Star Chemical Company 

add/Moon Glo Al 

add/Quat S D2 

Star Maintenance Supply 

add/Absorb A4 

State Chemical Manufacturing Co., 

add/State Formula 401 Dead 
End F2 

Stephenson Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Carbay F2 

Stern Chemical Company, Inc. 

add/Bust-Up Grill and Oven 

Cleaner A8 

Stewart Sanitary Supply, Inc. 

del/Kitten & Bear Brand 
Flyacide 25 

del/Stokes Sanitary Supply 

Stuart Hale Co. 

add/White Oil No. 8-T HI 

Suhm Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Boiler AFM1 G6 

add/EX-C(7) G7 

add/Suhm BPRS87 G6 

add/Suhm BZF833 G6 

Sun Petroleum Products Co. 

add/Crystosol USP 150 HI 

Sunbelt Chemicals & Equipment 

add/All Purpose Dairy Cleaner. A2 

add/Bake Pan Cleaner Al 

add/Blue Pressure Spray Wash.. A 1 

add/Control-40 Dl 

add/Deluxe Concrete Cleaner ... A4 
add/Derusting Hot Vat 

Compound A8 

add/DICA Detergent A3 

add/Formula 303 Al 

add/Liq.Chlor Plus Al 

add/Machine Dish Compound 

No. 1 Al 

add/Mean Green Al 

add/Medium Duty Steam 

Cleaning Compound Al 

add/Medium Suds Laundry 

Compound Bl 

add/Met-Con 1 A3 

add/Met-Con 2 A3 

add/P-Det A4.A8 

add/Packing House Cleaner Al 

add/Rid-Odor CI 

add/Steam-N-Clean CI 

add/Suds Spray Wash Al 

add/Super-R A4 

add/SC-Descaler-2 A3 

add/SC-328 A4 

add/SC-330 A4 

add/SC-332 A4.A8 

add/WT 17 G6 

add/WT-101 G6 

add/223 C A2 

add/302 C A2 

add/401 A Al 

add/402 A Al 

add/403 A Al 

add/404 A Al 

add/412 C A2 

add/Sunbelt Sales, Inc. 

Alkyl A4.A8 

All Purpose Cleaner Al 

B-Gone HD Cleaner A2 

Betty's Pink Lotionized Hand 

Soap El 

Bionic Emulsifier Cleaner Al 

Blue Inhibited Bowl Cleaner C2 

Chain Lub & Cleaner HI 

Coconut Oil Liquid Hand Soap. El 

Contact A2 

E-Z Electro Kleen Solvent K2 

Fire Proof Electro Kleen 

Solvent K.2 

Foam-Up A4 

Germ-1-San D2 

Insecticide No. Ill Fl 

Knock Down Defoamer Al 

KA-GO-C 601 Acid Cleaner A3 

Labor Saver Chloro Cleaner Al 

Lem-O-Dis 19-30 A4 

Malathion-50 Spray F2 

Milkstone Remover A3 

Pine-O-Dis 19-30 CI 

Po Pac Ho Cleaner Al 

Red Hot H.D. Sewer Solvent & 

Drain Opnr LI 

Santi-Wash E2 

Space Spray No. 3 Fl 

Superior Concentrate Al 

Sungro Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Sungro Residual Roach 

Dope F2 


Sunfleet GL5 80W-90 H2 

Sunfleet GL5 85W-140 H2 

Sunvis 816 WR (32) H2 

Sunvis 821 WR (46) H2 

Sunvis 831 WR (68) H2 

Sunvis 851 WR (100) H2 

Sunvis 865 WR (150) H2 

add/Sunshine Engineering, Inc. 

Sunshine Sure Bet CI 

Super Chem, Inc. 

add/Liquid Snake LI 

add/Superior Labs 

Iodeen Sanitizer D2 

Surebond, Inc. 

add/Siliconized Rubber Sealant 
Gray PI 

add/Siliconized Rubber Sealant 
White PI 

Sutter, A. Ltd. 

add/Taski Chrom Star CI 

Swift Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Sodium Hypochlorite 

Solution D2 

add/Sylvania Industrial Supply Co. 

DF Cold Room Cleaner A5 

Syndet Products, Incorporated 

del/Cleaner and Degreaser 

add/CL Cleaner Al 

add/CL-15 Cleaner Al 

add/Flash A3 

add/Formula 8000 Al 

add/HF-15 Al 

add/HF-35 A2 

add/HF-55 A2 

add/LF-0 Al 

add/LF-100 A2 

add/LF-20 A2 

add/LF-40 A2 

add/LF-60 A2 

add/LFX-0 Al 

add/Pace Al 

add/San-I-Kleen Dl 

add/San-I-Terge Dl 

add/Syn-Quat D2 

add/Tornado Al 

add/True Detergent A4 

add/969 H.D. Steam Cleaner Al 

Synthetic Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Boiler Water Treatment #3G6 
add/Cleaner/Degreaser 1 -Y A4, A8 

add/T D G Inc. 

Chlorinated Cleaner Sanitizer .... Al 

add/T L R Industries 

Clear Glass CI 

L.A.B. 233 L2 

Target Chemical Corporation 

add/Target Discent CI 

add/Titan Power Foam CI 

Tarheel Industries 

add/Break-Away A4 

Tech-Lube Corp. 

add/T A.L.O. AAS HI 

add/TCO10/40AAS HI 

add/TCO10/50AAS HI 


add/TCO20AAS HI 

add/TC010/40AA H2 

add/TC010/50AA H2 

add/TEF A.L.O HI 


add/TH20AAS HI 

add/TLC Capping Oil HI 


add/T600NT HI 


All Star C2 

Glass-Glo CI 

add/Techniseal, Inc. 

Tech-Seal 8900 Butyl Caulk 

Gray PI 

Tennant Company 

add/Cold Clean Detergent 

#8101-X A5 

add/Rapid Wet Prep PI 

add/344 Hood Cleaner A8 

add/Terand Industries, Inc. 

Ammoniated Oven & Hood 

Cleaner A8 

Battery Cleaner & Protector PI 

Belt Dressing PI 

Chain & Cable H2 

Dry Lubricant H2 

Food Equipment Lubricant HI 

General Purpose Foam Cleaner. CI 

Glass and Plexiglass Cleaner CI 

Hi-Temp Anti-Seize Compound. H2 
Hi-Temp Dry Moly Anti-Seize 

Lubricant H2 

Insect Killer F2 

Insect Spray (Syn) Fl 


Invisible Skin Protector E4 

Metal Polish Oil Base A7 

No Drip PI 


Demoisturant H2 

Red Spray Grease H2 

Safety Solvent Cleaner and 

Degreaser Kl 

Silicone Mold Release H2 

Silicone Release Agent HI 

Thread Sealer PI 

Ultra-Pure K2 

Waterless Hand Cleaner E4 

White Grease Lithium Base H2 

Testron International 

add/Aquatron A-555 G7 

add/Lubetron TR-666 HI 

add/Purosolv K2 

add/Remove It Al 

add/Silitex HI 

add/Spotron 1 CI 

add/Spotron 2 K2 

add/Testrox A3 

Texaco, Incorporated 

add/Meropa 1500 H2 

Texas Multi-Chem Inc. 

add/Frosty El 

Texo Corporation 

add/Chemlube 10 Al 

add/Liquid Cirket II Al 

add/Texo LP 1030 G6 

add/Texo LP 1031 G7 

add/Texo LP 1076 Al 

add/Texo LP 1077 Al 

add/Texo LP 1078 Al 

add/Texo LP 1084 Al 

add/Texo LP 1088 A4 

add/Texo LP 1097 Al 

add/Texo LP 1150 G7 

add/Texo LP 1188 G7 

add/Texo LP 1193 G7 

add/Texo LP 1194 G7 

add/Texo LP 1196 G7 

add/Texo LP 1197 G7 

add/Texope 515 Al 

add/Texope 525 Al 

add/Texope 535 Al 

Theochem Laboratories, Inc. 

add/Bolt Commercial Laundry 

Detergent Bl 

add/Chlor-Bnte Commercial 

Laundry Bleach Bl 

add/Defoamer "A" L1.Q1 

add/Fluff Institutional Softner 

& Sour Bl 

add/Lime-Solv Concentrated 

Lime Remover A3 

add/Scale Away Acid Cleaner 

Dehmer A3 

add/Septo Hand Soap 15% El 

add/Septo Hand Soap 40% El 

chg/T-4 Ammoniated Cleaner 

and Wax Stripper CI 

formerly Ammoniated T-4 
All Purpose Clnr. 

add/Thermax Chemicals 

Terra-Sol Al 

Thermo Cote, Inc. 

add/Super OVS A8 

add/TC-160 Dl 


add/B.T.-100 G6 

add/B.T.-200 G6 

add/B.T.-300 G7 

add/B.T.-400 G7 

add/BT-1500 Concentrate G6 

add/C.T-1000 G7 

add/Coil Free PI 

add/Remuv-Ox A3 

add/TC Organic 40 L2 

Thomas, F. J. Chemical Company 

add/Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner 

Degreaser A4 

add/Extra Heavy Duty 

Pressure Washer Cleaner Al 

add/Glass Cleaner CI 

add/Grill And Oven Cleaner A8 

add/HD. Machine 

Dishwashing Concentrate Al 

add/Heavy Duty Cleaner 

Degreaser A4 

add/Heavy Duty Pressure 

Washer Cleaner Al 

add/Heavy Duty Pressure 

Washer-Liquid A4 

add/Low-Suds Laundry 

Detergent Bl 

add/Scrub Soap Hard Surface 

Cleaner A4.A8 

add/Thunderbolt Products 

Anteater F2 

Automation A4,A8 

Caress El 

Electrosolv K2 

Fog-It F2 

Granite Glow A4.A8 


H. D. Gusto A4 

Hold The Line F2 

Scour Power A8 

Scram GP Fl 

Super Slick HI 

Thorough-Clean A4.A8 


del/Tidewater Chemical Corp. 
Tidewater Sanitary Supply Co. 

add/Ammoniated Wax 

Remover CI 

add/Cavalier Brand Vita-Pine... CI 
add/Oven, Fryer & Griddle 

Cleaner A8 

Tiger Chemical, Inc. 

add/Clean-N-Shine CI 

add/Double Action F2 

add/Grease Gun In A Can H2 

add/Release H2 

add/Release Penetrating Oil & 

Moisture Remvr H2 

add/Tender Touch E4 

add/Tiger Liquid Bacteria L2 

add/Tiger Paw Hand Cleaner... E4 

Tiger Cleaning Systems 

add/Fleet Kleen A4 

Timco Supply Co. 

add/Action A3 

add/Chain Lube H2 

add/Heavy Duty Acid Drain 

Cleaner LI 

add/Hook & Trolley Cleaner A2 

add/HD Cleaner A4.A8 

add/HD Thrust A8 

add/Lightning Ll 

add/Locker Plant Cleaner A2 

add/Maxi-Glo A4 

add/MSC Sewer Compound Ll 

add/Powerhouse A4 

add/Renew A4 

add/Squeeky Kleen Al 

add/Thrust A4 

Time Chemical, Incorporated 

add/Antiseptic Liquid Hand 

Soap El 

add/Time-Saver Built Liquid 

Laundry Detrgnt Bl 

add/Time-Saver Liq. Laundry 

Fabric Sour Soft B2 

add/Time-Saver LA 3000 A3 

add/Time-Saver T-800 Liquid 

All Purpose Clnr Al 

add/Tire Sentry Inc. 

Germicidal Foam Spray C2 

Toledo Industrial & Maint. Supply, 

chg/Double Acting Liquid 

Alive Bacteria CI 

add/Topmost Chemical and Paper 

Grease Gun In A Can H2 

Nut Buster H2 

Slick HI 

Vandal Aid CI 

Transamerican Supply Company 

add/No Foam Machine 

Dishwash S-104 Al 

add/Paint Remover P-539 C3 

add/S & S Heavy Duty 

Cleaner-Degreaser P-563 A4 

add/Sudsy Ammonia S-509 CI 

Transcontinental, Inc. 

del/Transco All Purpose 

add/Treat-Rite Water Laboratories, 

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution... D2 


add/DyMonic PI 

add/440 Tape PI 

Tretolite Division Petrolite 

add/TSG 7004 G7 

Tri-Chem, Ltd. 

add/Champ C2 

add/Citro-Spray CI 

add/Tri-Mutual, Inc. 

SK-Surekill Brand Emulsfbl. 

Spray Cone Fl 

Triangle Energy Company of America, 

add/Encoa B-125 G6 

add/Encoa BL-130 G7 

add/Encoa BL-151 G6 

add/Tribology, Inc. 


T-NTG1 Grade 2 HI 

T-NTO 10 HI 

T-NTO 50 HI 



T-123 H2 

Trigon Corporation 

del/Drain Opener H.D 
del/Extra Strength Quaternary 

Trojan Chemical Company 

add/All Power Plus CI 

add/Degrease All Al 

Tronex Chemical Corporation 

add/Tridex G2 

Troy Chemical Industries, Inc. 

add/Troy 1713 Space & 

Contact Spray Fl 

add/1 1 10-A Al 

add/1 138 FP Al 

add/1139 FP Al 

add/ 1509 FP General Purpose 

Cleaner Al 

add/1632 Iodine Disinfectant D2 

add/1633 Iodine Disinfectant D2 

add/ 1703 Fogger & Contact 

Spray Fl 

add/ 17 14 Fogging Concentrate .Fl 
add/1715 Fogging Concentrate .Fl 
add/2310 Alkaline Rust 

Stripper & Soak Clnr A2 

add/2507 FP Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A2 

add/6007 G6 

Tugwell Supply Co. 

add/Machine Stripper CI 

add/Sof Touch El 

add/TufOff El 

del/Tuzona Mfg., Inc. 


U.N.X. Chemicals Incorporated 

add/Boon Bl 

U.S.E., Inc. 

add/Germexan C2 

add/Houseboy Al 

add/Ultratech Industries, Inc. 

Achieve Al 

Foam Off Al 

Jet Clean A4 

Steam Jet Al 

Super 3-Way Truck Cleaner Al 

Ultrachem A4 

Uni-Lab Corp. 

add/Grease Off A8 

add/Stick Free HI 

add/T-N-T Hand Cleaner E4 

Uni-Pro, Inc. 

add/HD440 Al 

add/Uni-Quat II D2 

Uni-Tek Systems 

add/Glad Hand Rough Cut E4 

add/Powerline LI 

Unijax, Inc. 

add/ All Star Liq. Life Forms 
Bactrl. Digest CI 

Union Carbide Corporation 

add/Aqucar 515 Water 

Treatment Microbiocide G7 

add/Aqucar 545 Water 

Treatment Microbiocide G7 

Unisource Industries, Inc. 

add/BWT 3800 G6 

United Laboratories, Inc. 

add/United 350 "Dirty Fighter 

II" Al 

add/United 517 Rust Ripper PI 

add/United Scientific, Inc. 

MP 1000 A4 

United States Chemical Co, The 

add/USCO Liqua-Zymes 

Liquid Life Forms CI 

United States Chemical Corp. 

add/E.Z. {Clean Degreaser A4 

United States Chemical Corp. 

add/All Purpose Liquid 707 A8 

Universal Chemicals & Supplies, Inc. 

add/Concrete Cleaner A4 

add/General Purpose NP A4 

add/High Foam Concentrate Al 

add/Transport Wash Al 

add/TK 115 CIP A2 

add/TK 135 LF Al 

Universal Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Glass Cleaner CI 

add/Industrial Foam Cleaner A8 

add/Lemon Disinfectant A4 

add/Universal Products 

Boiler Compound (Low 

Pressure) G7 

Concentrate Al 

Concentrated Liquid Hand 

Soap El 

D'Scale A3 

De-Foamer Al 

Easy Out L2 

Glass Cleaner CI 

Heavy Duty Cleaner A4 

K.leano-99 Dl 

Liquid Chisel Al 

Motor Degreaser (Greasex) Kl 

Porcelain Bowl Cleaner CI 

Scrubber Soap (Low Suds) A4 

Steam Cleaning Solvent Al 

Utility Chemical Company 

add/Heftee Disinfectant Bowl 
Cleaner C2 

Valone, A. M. Supply Corp. 

add/Valsept El 

Van Waters & Rogers 

add/Van Wet 629 Wash A2 

Venus Laboratories, Inc. 

add/All Purpose Detergent Al 

add/Orange Deodorant CI 

Verax Chemical Company 

add/No. 18 Steam Cleaner Al 

add/No. 9 Steam Cleaner A4 

add/V-575 Cleaner Degreaser.... A4.A8 

add/Verne Maranda & Son 

Boost Al 

Vestal Laboratories 

add/Vestal S.Q. 128 CI 

add/Vestal S.Q. 64 A4.C1 

Vestal Supply/ Div. of Vestal 

add/MSC High Foam Meat 

Room Cleaner Al 

Viking Chemicals 

add/Ban-A018 G6 

add/Ban-A033 G6 

add/Ban-A315 G6 

add/Ban-A327 G6 

add/Ban-A340 G6 

add/Ban-C025 G6 

add/Ban-C035 G6 

add/Ban-D020 G6 

add/Ban-D030 G6 

Viking Labs, Inc. 

add/Jel-O Degreaser Kl 

add/What-A-Lube HI 

add/Vine, E. R. & Sons, Inc. 

Crystal White Oil 100 USP- 

Light HI 

Crystal White Oil 150 USP- 

Light HI 

Crystal White Oil 190 USP- 

Heavy HI 

Crystal White Oil 210 USP- 

Heavy HI 

Crystal White Oil 350 USP- 

Heavy HI 

Crystal White Oil 50 USP-LightHl 
Crystal White Oil 70 USP-LightHl 

Crystal White Oil 75-T HI 

Crystal White Oil 85-T HI 

Crystal White Oil 90 USP-LightHl 
Crystal White Oil 95-T HI 

add/Vineland Chemical Company 

Vineland MBT 10% G7 

Virginia Chemicals, Inc. 

add/Virchem One-Shot Aerosol 
Insecticide Fl 


add/VV. B. Specialist Company, Inc. 

Breaker H2 

Quick Clean A8 

W. B. Special Hand Cleaner E4 

add/Waldorf Sanitary Supplies, Inc. 

Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner ..CI 

add/Wall Brothers Oil Co., Inc. 

190 USP HI 

210 USP HI 

55 USP HI 

75-T HI 

85 USP HI 

85-T HI 


Walling Chemical Company 

chg/RLT-70 G6 

add/RLT-75 G6 

Walton-March, Incorporated 

add/Absolute CI 

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/A P C All Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrate A4 

add/Laundry Detergent Liquid. Bl 
add/Machine Dishwash Liquid. Al 

Water Chemistry, Inc. 

add/Formula 30-A G6 

add/Formula 42-A G6 

add/Formula 42-B G6 

add/Formula 42-C G6 

add/Formula 42-D G6 

add/Formula 80-B G6 

add/Formula 90-1 G6 

Water Chemists, Incorporated 

add/Phosglass 531L G2.G6 

Water Sciences Division/ Economics 
Laboratory, Inc. 

del/Eloxy 162 

Water Services, Incorporated 

add/Vap-Plus G6 

chg/Water Technologies, Inc. 

formerly Dynatherm Laboratories, 

add/Water-Tech Chemical Co. 

"Formula No. BT-Z" G7 

Formula AC-7 G7 

Wausau Chemical Corporation 

add/#70 Detergent Al 

add/#71 Detergent Al 

add/One Shot B2 

add/Pressure Concentrate Al 

add/Rolar Brand 40 D2 

add/Wayne Paper 

Creme of the Crop E4 

Foam Away CI 

Sparkle Plenty CI 

Webco Chemical Corp. 

add/Webco 1685 Al 

Webster Chemical Corporation 

del/Webster Hand Cleaner 

Wechem, Inc. 

add/Silicone Spray HI 

del/Wellington Chemical Corp., Inc. 
add/Wells, W. Sales Company 

122 G6 

144 G6 

202 G6 

Wen-Don Corporation 

add/All Kleen CI 

add/Chlor-Zene Plus CI 

add/CJ-23 A4 

add/CR-23-FS Food Service 

Heavy Duty Cleaner A4 

add/DG-23 Al 

add/Kling C2 

add/W-D No. 98 Motor 

Degreaser & Equip. Clnr Kl 

Wepak Corporation 

add/Oven & Grill Cleaner A8 

Weslan International Inc. 

add/Aqua-Mate Al 

add/Aqua-Power Al 

add/Boost II Bl 

add/Chris Al 

add/Conquer Too Al 

add/Depgo A3 

add/F-101 Al 

add/F-102 Al 

add/HI-211 A4 

add/LeChlor Bl 

add/Liquid Sunshine Bl 

add/Soft-N-Sour B2 

chg/Spectra-Quat VII Dl 

West Agro-Chemical, Inc. 

del/Conveyor Lube III 
del/Conveyor Lube 02 

West Chemical Products, Inc. 

chg/Rapidyne G5.D2 

Western Chemical Company 

add/Alumina 45 Gl 

add/Boiler Sludge Conditioner 

Formula FGC G6 

add/Boiler Water Treatment 

Formula 6000 G6 

chg/Corafilm G6 

add/Coravol AM-302 G7 

add/Coravol AN-30 G7 

add/Coravol AS-30 G7 

chg/Coravol EN-40 G6 

chg/Coravol ES-40 G6 

chg/Coravol FN-40 G6 

chg/Coravol FS-40 G6 

chg/Coravol GN-40 G6 

chg/Coravol GS-40 G6 

chg/Coravol HN-48 G6 

chg/Coravol HN-49 G6 

chg/Coravol HS-48 G6 

chg/Coravol HS-49 G6 

chg/Coravol LN-47 G6 

chg/Coravol LN-48 G6 

chg/Coravol LS-47 G6 

chg/Coravol LS-48 G6 

chg/Coravol MN-47 G6 

chg/Coravol MN-49 G6 

chg/Coravol MN-56 G6 

chg/Coravol MS-47 G6 

chg/Coravol MS-49 G6 

chg/Coravol MS-56 G6 


del/Liquid Oxygen Scavenger 

add/Liquid Oxygen Scavenger- 

5 G6 

add/Microbicide M G7 

add/Microbicide SC G7 

add/Microbicide SR G7 

del/Multionic Clng Wtr Treat 

Silt Disprsnt B 
add/Western MBT 10% G7 

Western Chemical International, Inc. 

add/"Su-Power" A4 

add/Bolex C2 

add/CRT Plexi-Care CI 

add/Gear Wire Rope Lube H2 

add/Halt LI 

add/Liquidate LI 

add/Nab CI 

add/WCI CRT Plexi-Care CI 

add/WCI-80 A4 

add/Western Lime & Cement Co., The 

Pure-Cal G7 

Wexford Labs, Inc. 

add/Emulsifier 404 Al 

add/Wexford-202 Al 

add/Whitex Company 

Whitex Bleach Bl 

Whitmire Research Labs., Inc. 

add/Whitmire PT-230 Tri-Die...F2 

Wichita Brush & Chemical Co., Inc. 

add/Wich-Mint CI 

Winfield Industries 

del/Vaporizing Spray 
del/ 195 Heavy Duty 

Chlorinated C.I.P. Clnr. 
del/2110 Power- All 
del/3111 Conctd Acid CI & 

Stnlss Steel Brtnr 
del/3210 Acid Cleaner & 

Milkstone Remover 
del/3500 Chlorinated C.I.P. 

del/410 All Purpose Cleaner 

Winston Chemical Company 

add/Formula "Key-250" G6 

add/Formula "SL-101" G6 

add/Formula "SL-102" G6 

add/Formula "SL-103" G6 

chg/Formula OSA G6 

add/Formula S-310 G6 

add/Formula S-410 G6 

add/Formula S-510 G6 

add/Formula S-610 G6 

Witco/Sonneborn Division Witco 
Chemical Corp. 

add/Orzol White Mineral Oil 

add/Wiz Chemical Corporation 

Lifex 1 D2 

Lifex 2 D2 

Lifex 3 D2 

Wizchem 800 A1.B1.E1 

add/Wonder Kleen Products, Inc. 

Wonder Kleen Super 

Concentrate A4 

Wright Industrial, Inc. 

add/New Imprvd Magic T/ 

CBowl/Tile Prcln Clnr C2 

Xenar Incorporated 

add/Xenabute H2 

add/Xenacede C2 

add/Xenacream CI 

add/Xenago CI 

add/Xenagrex CI 

add/Xenalux C2 

add/Xenamelt CI 

add/Xenar Big Guy CI 

add/Xenar Kitchen Pride Al 

add/Xenarep CI 

add/Xenarich El 

add/Xenascale G7 

add/Xenasteam Al 

add/Xenatrope CI 

add/Xeneutral A4 


add/Y-Not Better Papers Inc. 

Badlands Bleach B1.D1 

Zak Chemical Corp. 


del/Degreaser Cleaner 


del/LSC Liquid Super "C" 

del/NC 11 

del/Pine-O Cleaner 

del/Super Z 

del/Vital Pine 

add/Zellerbach Paper Company 

ZC-604 All Purpose Degreaser.. Al 

ZC-610 All Purpose Cleaner A4 

ZC-705 Bowl Cleaner C2 

ZC-706 Bathroom Cleaner C2 

ZC-708 Drain Opener LI 

Zep Manufacturing Company 

add/R-7683 A2 

add/Zep Concentrated Liquid 

Chlorine Bleach Bl 

add/Zep Flush 'N Kill F2 

add/Zep LBA Live Bacterial 

Additive CI 

add/Zep X- 13782 Al 

add/Zep X-14282 Bl 

add/Zep X-16982 Al 

add/Zep X-4278 Bl 

add/Zep X-9382 Ql 

add/Zep X-9582 A5 

add/Zep-Control X-14865 A5 

del/Zephene Hatch Kleen 

Ziff Company, The 

add/Cleaner & Scale Remover ..A3 

add/Dish Destainer Powder Al 

add/Laundry Detergent 

Powder Bl 

add/Laundry Oxygen Bleach Bl 

add/Lotionized Powdered Pot 

& Pan Detergent Al 

add/Metal Protection 

Mechanical Liq. Detrgnt Al 

add/Metal Protection 

Mechanical Pwdrd. Det Al 

add/Super Chlor Machine 

Dshwshng Liq Hvy Dty Al 

add/System Five Laundry 

Bleach Powdered Bl 

add/System Five Laundry 

Dtrgnt. H.D. Powder Bl 

add/System Five Laundry 

Softener Powdered B2 

add/System Four Chlrntd 

Machine DshwshngPwdr A2 

add/System Four Liq. Super 

MchnDshwshngDtrgnt A2 

add/System Four Machine 

Dishwashing Powder A2 

Zimmerman, Inc. 

add/Accelerater L2 

4Tek Industries Incorporated 

add/Barrier H2 

add/Contact Cleaner K2 

add/Dry Moly H2 

add/Grease Gun In A Can H2 

addATFE Fluorotelomer 

Lubricant H2 


United States 
Department of Agriculture 

Food Safety and Inspection Service 

Washington, DC 

Penalty for Private Use, $300 

Postage and Fees Paid 

U.S. Department of Agriculture